Final Summer Pay Stub/Volunteer Form

Student Financial Services conducts a fall review process to finalize student contributions and financial aid awards. ALL AID RECIPIENTS, including those receiving only loans, are required to submit the Summer Update Web Form and documentation of all of their summer earnings. 

Documentation of summer earnings involves submission of a FINAL pay stub from each summer employer and/or submission of our

Volunteer Summer Employment Verification Form (PDF)

 in cases where students performed unpaid employment. 

This is part of step 5 of the financial aid application process which normally occurs in late August/early September of each academia year. 

Acceptable documentation

 Your FINAL pay stub(s) must clearly display your total gross earnings from each employer. If for some reason you do not have your final pay stub(s) or if your stub(s) does not clearly display your gross earnings, you will need to submit other signed documentation directly from your employer (or supervisor) which provides your total gross earnings, your weekly wage amount, and the start date and end date of your employment 

There are a couple of exceptions to the pay stub(s) requirement:

  • Entering students who earned less than $10,000 during the summer will  generally not be required to submit a final pay stub(s). However, if we determine we need a pay stub(s) from an entering student we will request it on a case by case basis.
  • Returning students receiving summer income from ONLY the HLS Summer Public Interest Funding Program (SPIF) do not have to submit pay stubs since we can access their data directly from the summer funding database. All non-SPIF earned income will still need to be documented.
Last modified: August 26, 2014

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