International Income Documentation


International students applying for HLS need-based grant assistance need to verify any parental income reported on the Parent Monthly Cash Flow Web Form and Parent Financial Resources Web Form  by providing:

  • International tax documentation, if available -  (i.e. Canada); or, if this is not possible, then
  • An earnings statement from each of their parent's employers (on official letterhead).

All tax documentation or earnings statements submitted should be translated and all monetary figures converted into U.S. currency. To assist you in making all necessary monetary conversions, you may utilize Universal Currency Converter® Results. Please also make certain to list on your materials the conversion rate used. 

Canadian citizens cannot choose to submit earnings statements in lieu of their Canadian Returns. We require the full Canadian return from both parents including all T4s and all schedules and statements.

International Students whose parents own business, farms or personal real estate must also submit any relevant business statements they have, or business returns they file in their home country, as well as, submit one or more of our parent web forms to provide data about these financial entities.

Last modified: October 15, 2014

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