Document Descriptions

This section of the web site is designed to give you more detailed information about the documents you see listed on the "Documents" tab of "My HLS Financial Aid". The documents listed below represent the most common ones we typically require. All of these documents are not required from everybody; you MAY or MAY NOT see them listed as required on your personal list.  Please only complete/submit the documents you see listed on your specific list of required documents.

To successfully complete your application for financial aid at HLS, you will need to complete/submit a variety of different types of documents (web forms, tax data, etc.). HLS Student Financial Services is a paperless office and does not maintain student financial aid records in hard copy format. All tax data, PDF's, and any other miscellaneous documents submitted are automatically imaged and stored electronically. To expedite the processing of your application documents, we strongly recommend that you carefully read through our Document Submission and Imaging web page before you begin to complete/submit any of your required documentation to the HLS Student Financial Services Office. 

All HLS Web Forms referenced in this section can be accessed via the Financial Aid Forms section of this website (link found within the right hand navigation menu).

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