Parent Financial Resources Web Form

In order to best understand your family’s resources, it is important that we have a complete and accurate understanding of your family’s household makeup as well as the assets and expenses of the household. Several aspects of the household’s make up – including the number of dependents it supports and/or maintains – will factor into our final calculations for the award package.

On the Parent Financial Resources Web Form, you will be asked for information regarding your household’s assets and expenses incurred.  You will also be asked to number the people in your household and provide information for each person in the household. You may include relatives living with the parent(s) if they are claimed as dependents on the parent(s) income tax form, or if at least half of their support comes from the parent’s household.

This includes, but is not limited to the following:

  • biological parent
  • siblings/half-siblings/legally adopted siblings
  • step-parents (if biological parents are divorced and have re-married)
  • step-sibling (i.e., a step-parent’s child who is not biologically related to the student)
  • grandparents
  • other relatives

If the student’s biological parents are divorced or separated, then each parent should complete a separate form for their respective household.

NOTE: WeWILL REQUIRE further documentation of enrollment as part of the Fall 2014 Update process in the Fall. If you indicate that a particular member of your family is enrolled in college or graduate school in the sections below, please be prepared to provide official documentation from the enrolling institution in the event it is requested by a member of the SFS staff.

Last modified: February 05, 2014

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