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Program Description and Financial Aid Application Process:
The JD/MUP joint degree program provides students with the opportunity to earn a JD from the Law School and a Master in Urban Planning (MUP) from the Graduate School of Design (GSD) in four years. Once you are admitted to one of these programs, you will be enrolled for one full year at the Law School and one full year at the Harvard Graduate School of Design in the first two years; either can come first. In the third and fourth years you will be enrolled jointly at both schools.

Your Student Bill:
You will be charged 100% tuition and fees for the school at which you are enrolled full-time during the first two years. In your third and fourth years of the program you will be charged 75% HLS tuition and 25% GSD tuition as well as a $300 program fee. The Law School Student Financial Services office will process your aid for the year you attend full-time and the two joint years (see chart below). All charges and financial aid credits will appear on one bill.

Scenario 1:

Year in AttendanceSchool in AttendanceSchool Processing Aid
Year 1Law SchoolLaw School
Year 2Graduate School of DesignGraduate School of Design
Year 3Law School /Graduate School of DesignLaw School
Year 4Law School /Graduate School of DesignLaw School

Scenario 2:

Year in AttendanceSchool in AttendanceSchool Processing Aid
Year 1Graduate School of DesignGraduate School of Design
Year 2Law SchoolLaw School
Year 3Law School /Graduate School of DesignLaw School
Year 4Law School /Graduate School of DesignLaw School

Your Student Budget:

Your student budget will be adjusted to reflect the accurate tuition charges and will include a $300 joint program fee. See the comparison chart below for the 2014-2015 academic year:

Budget CategoryHow To CalculateAmount for 2014-15
Tuition75% HLS$41,138
 25% GSD$10,925
Books & Supplies75% HLS$938
 25% GSD$686
Room/Board/PersonalFull HLS Room/Board/Personal$20,722
FeesFull UHS fee$992
 Harvard Student Health Insurance Plan*$2,366
 Joint Program Fee$300
 Stafford Loan Fees$220
TravelFull HLS Travel$1,500
Total Budget $79,787


*Please note that under Federal student aid regulations, an allowance for the Harvard Student Health Insurance Plan may be included in the student's budget only for students who enroll in the plan. For students who waive this coverage, the allowance will not be given and the total student budget will be reduced by the amount of the plan fee. Students may request upon appeal to have the documented cost of an alternate health budget insurance plan for which the student pays added to the student's budget. 

Summer Work Requirement:
You will be held to the same summer work requirements as all other Law School Students. See the Student Contribution from Income section for details on the summer work requirement.

Cash Advances and Refunds:
If you are eligible for a cash advance or a refund, you will receive it after you have registered (and have completed your entrance interview – 1L's only). All cash advance and refund checks are mailed to the official address on file with the Registrar's Office unless you have direct deposit set up with the Student Receivables Office.

Other Requirements:
Before graduating, you will be required to attend an exit interview with the Law School or the Graduate School of Design. Your exit interview will be held during your last semester at Harvard.

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