Harvard Law School Executive Education  

Planning your Visit


Cambridge and Boston

Given the intensive program schedule, participants in Executive Education may find it challenging to squeeze in a few hours of leisure. But if you are able to explore the surrounding areas of Cambridge and Boston, even if for a short while, you will surely find it worth your while.

Just across the river from Boston, Cambridge offers an exciting, multicultural setting where visitors from around the world mingle in the shadow of two of the world's premier educational institutions: Harvard University and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). Cambridge, often referred to as “Boston’s Left Bank”, is filled with a variety of boutiques, bookstores, cafes and restaurants.

Old Cambridge encompasses the original village of Newtowne which was established by founders of the Massachusetts Bay Colony in 1630. The neighborhood of Old Cambridge remains a residential, commercial, and academic center. The buildings here span four centuries of Cambridge history and have witnessed the development of a wilderness village into an international community.

Adjacent to the historic brick walls of Harvard University, "The Square" is world famous for its diverse and eclectic collection of small boutiques offering everything from haute couture to the latest in street fashions. Lively well after midnight almost any day of the week, over 100 restaurants and sidewalk cafes will tempt even the most adventurous palate. Music and entertainment are everywhere, and you can browse in the world's largest concentration of bookstores (24 at last count!). Street performers greet you at every corner offering songs, dramatic performances, juggling and magic.

Upon acceptance into a program, participants receive a detailed guide of Cambridge and all it has to offer.

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