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Harvard Law School offers two types of Executive Education programs: Open Enrollment Programs and Custom Programs. The Open Enrollment Programs include: Accelerated Leadership Program for Law Firm Partners, Leadership in Corporate Counsel, and Leadership in Law Firms. Custom Programs include the newly announced Milbank@Harvard Program. Please click on the links below for detailed overviews of each program.

Open Enrollment Programs:

Accelerated Leadership Program for Law Firm Partners

The Accelerated Leadership Program for Law Firm Partners is an intensive, five-day program specially developed for attorneys who have recently entered partnership in their firms. As partners, the lawyers are taking on larger managerial responsibilities and are expected to exert greater leadership. The program offers them the leadership and managerial perspective and skills to make the transition successfully.

Leadership in Corporate Counsel

Being a provider of sophisticated services to internal clients exposes general counsel to challenges unlike those faced by leaders of law firms, or other external-client facing professional service firms. General counsel have to negotiate the treacherous crosscurrents between providing high quality service to corporate leaders without top-line visibility, maintaining independence in advice but alignment of interests, and recruiting and nurturing high-quality professionals while emphasizing their value to revenue-generating executives.

This intensive, four-day program offers general counsel insights into the challenges they face and provides concepts and skills to be effective leaders of their function and their companies.

Leadership in Law Firms

By studying a cross-section of professional service firms, including law firms, law firm leaders worldwide learn the unique challenges of leading these organizations and develop perspectives and skills to be effective law firm leaders.

Custom Programs:


Milbank, Tweed, Hadley & McLoy and Harvard Law School are proud to announce a new multi-year training program to provide Milbank's associates with the best and most practical commercial training. In this regard, Milbank and Harvard Law School have committed to create and deliver a first-of-its-kind professional development program.

Through this program, associates will develop the multi-faceted expertise and skills that sophisticated general counsel should expect their valued legal advisors to possess. For the first time, a law firm will collaborate with Harvard Law School to provide executive education over the course of the associate's career on-site at Harvard, focusing on business, finance and law, utilizing Harvard Law School and Harvard Business School faculty.

Starting at the end of their third year and continuing through their seventh year, every Milbank associate (inside and outside the United States) will participate in an annual, stepped program taught at Harvard Law School. Each associate will undergo a seven-day training program on an annual basis, taught by Harvard Law and Business School faculty with the assistance of Milbank partners, and covering topics in business, finance, law, management skills, client relations and personal professional development. Associates will complete the fourth module of the program in their seventh year.





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