Name: Robert Clark
Institution: HLS
Title (HLS): Tenured Professor

The faculty member above engages from time to time in outside activities, some of which are compensated, some of which are ongoing, and also has outside financial interests that may relate to his/her scholarly activities. The disclosures below are intended to provide interested parties information about potential conflicts of interest from 2011 through the date of this report (June 2013) that might exist between the faculty member's scholarly and teaching activities, on the one hand, and his/her outside activities, on the other hand.
TIAA (Teachers Insurance & Annuity Association)BoardOversight of managementVarious11/1988-Ongoing
Omnicom Group, Inc.Board Direct Equity InterestOversight of managementVarious5/2002-Ongoing
Time Warner Inc.Board Direct Equity InterestOversight of managementVarious1/2004-Ongoing
Hodson TrustBoardOversight of investments and distributionsVarious8/2006-Ongoing
Foundation Press/Editorial board memberBoardAdvice about publication policies and decisionsVarious, including judgments on casebook proposals1982-Ongoing
Forest Laboratories, Inc.ExpertCorporate governance consultationAdvice on board-related issues2/2012-3/2012