Name: Robert Sitkoff
Institution: HLS
Title (HLS): Tenured Professor

The faculty member above engages from time to time in outside activities, some of which are compensated, some of which are ongoing, and also has outside financial interests that may relate to his/her scholarly activities. The disclosures below are intended to provide interested parties information about potential conflicts of interest from 2011 through the date of this report (June 2013) that might exist between the faculty member's scholarly and teaching activities, on the one hand, and his/her outside activities, on the other hand.
American Law InstituteBoardALI CouncilThe ALI Council is the volunteer board of directors that oversees the management of the business and affairs of the ALI.2012-Ongoing
Aspen PublishersBoardBoard of Editorial AdvisorsThe Board of Editorial Advisors provides advice to Aspen Publishers about law school casebooks and other such publications.2007-Ongoing
Uniform Law CommisionGov't OfficialCommissioner (by gubernatorial appointment)The ULC prepares uniform laws for enactment by the states.2008-Ongoing
Law Firms (Confidential)ExpertConsulting expert in litigation (P and D, individuals and corporate entities)Various questions involving common law trusts, statutory trusts, wills and decedent's estates, agency, fiduciary administration, prudent investor rule, legal malpractice, restitution and unjust enrichment, and nonprofit entities. 2007-Ongoing
Federated Investors, Inc.ExpertConsulting expert, talks, and publications.Trust, agency, prudent investor, and fiduciary law and policy.2008-Ongoing
Wiggin and Dana LLP (for individual objectant-beneficiaries)ExpertIn the Matter of the Judicial Settlement of the Final Account Proceedings of Bank of America, N.A., Trustee and Ann Kenny Braff, Rochelle Lazarus, Jonathan Braff and Michael Braff as Co-Executors of the Estate of Lewis Braff, Deceased Trustee, As Trustees of Trust Under Agreement Dated March 21, 1995, As Amended and Restated September 14, 2001, By and For Gerald Carrus, Deceased, File No. 1931/2002, Surrogate's Court, Westchester County, New York.Trust administration2008-Ongoing
Schiff Hardin LLP (for individual plaintiff-beneficiaries)ExpertMary Bucksbaum Scanlan, Martin Michael Scanlan, Stella Clare Scanlan, and General Trust Company v. Marshall Eisenberg, Earl Melamed, Neal Gerber & Eisenberg LLP, and General Trust Company, No. 1:09-cv-05026, Federal District Court, Northern District of Illinois.Trust administration2009-Ongoing
Kellogg, Huber, Hansen, Todd, Evans & Figel, P.L.L.C. (for individual co-trustees)ExpertIn the Matter of Trust for Grandchildren of Wilbert L. and Genevieve W. Gore dated April 14, 1972, C.A. No. 1165-N, Chancery Court, Delaware.Trust construction2009-2012
Nystrom Beckman & Paris, LLP (for individual co-trustees and family office)ExpertTenens Corporation, D/B/A Essex Street Associates, and the Trustees of the Ayer Family Trusts v. Vitale Caturano & Company and PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP, C.A. No. 07-00184-BLS, Superior Court, Massachusetts.Trust administration2011-2012