Name: Jonathan Zittrain
Institution: HLS
Title (HLS): Tenured Professor
Electronic Frontier FoundationBoardInternet freedom and civil liberties02/11-Ongoing
U.S. Federal Communications CommissionExpertChair, Open Internet Advisory Committee05/12-Ongoing
U.S. National Security AgencyExpertMember of National Security Agency Advisory Board, panel on Compliance01/10-Ongoing
Cognizant Testing SummitTalk or publicationHuman computing and distributed labor03/13-03/13
General ElectricTalk or publicationCybersecurity04/13-04/13
Corporate Directors GroupTalk or publicationCybersecurity and the responsibilities of a board member06/13-06/13
Debevoise and PlimptonExpertHard Rock HotelTrademark and contract12/12-12/12
CognizantExpert Talk or publicationPrivacy and big data07/13-07/13
reputation.comDirect Equity InterestI hold some stock from prior advisory board membership.03/13-Ongoing
SquareTradeDirect Equity InterestAdvised SquareTrade in the startup of its parent company in 1999. I hold some stock.09/99-Ongoing
essessDirect Equity InterestAdvise on privacy issues. I hold some stock options.05/12-Ongoing