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Works co-authored with Holger Spamann

The Wages of Failure:
Executive Compensation at Bear Stearns and Lehman 2000-2008

Holger Spamann, Alma Cohen and Lucian Bebchuk
27 Yale Journal on Regulation 257-282 (2010).
Harvard Law and Economics Discussion Paper No. 657, December 2009.
Articles about the study in: New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Boston Globe, Bloomberg, New York Review of Books, Baltimore Sun, SmartMoney, Risk Magazine, Harvard Crimson, and CNN Money
Blog posts about the study at: Wall Street Journal, Baseline Scenario, The Huffington Post, CBS News, Reuters, Naked Capitalism, Dealscape, Daily Kos, The Corporate Library, The Conference Board, St. Louis Post-Dispatch, LiveMint, Dealbreaker, Air America, AlterNet, Too Much, Muckety, The Confluence, The Economic Populist, SurlyTrader, The Big Picture, Relax Your Jaw and Creative Destruction
TV coverage about the study on: NBC’s Today Show
Financial Times op-ed about the study
Frank Rich op-ed in the New York Times

Regulating Bankers' Pay
Holger Spamann and Lucian Bebchuk
98 Georgetown Law Journal 247-287 (2010).
[Selected as one of the year's top 10 corporate and securities articles in the annual poll of corporate law professors and reprinted in the Corporate Practice Commentator.]
Noted in New Republic, June 24, 2009, Seeking Alpha, July 1, 2009, and The Deal, August 27, 2009.



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