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Medieval Law


Spring 2017




History 2080
(Medieval Law)


English Legal History: 10001600
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 Law 96710A 1/S
(Legal History Seminar:
English Legal History)




Prof. Donahue


  Spring 2017


I am offering both a course and course/seminar this semester in English legal and constitutional history. Each offering is listed in both the FAS and the Law School catalogues. The requirements for the course are a bit different, depending on whether one is an undergraduate, a law student, or an FAS graduate student. For more details on the course for law students click here.
For more details on the course for undergraduates click here.
FAS graduate students should follow the course for the law students.

The course/seminar is History 2080 (Medieval Law) and Law 2371(Seminar: Legal History English Legal History). This is a graduate-level reading course/seminar with short papers. It meets on Tuesdays from 5:007:00 in Hauser Hall (Law School ) 524. It will cover many of the same topics as the course, although in a somewhat different order and in more depth. The course/seminar assumes a basic knowledge of the material covered in the course. If you would like to pursue the topic at this level but feel uncomfortable with your basic knowledge of English constitutional and legal history, you may attend the course/seminar, but you should also attend the lectures in the course (Mon. and Wed. at 11:10 in the Yard, Room [an error occurred while processing this directive]). For more information on the course/seminar and its requirements, I have posted a joint syllabus. Since the enrollment in the course/seminar is likely to be small, please let me know if you would like to attend but cannot make the meeting time. We may be able to reschedule it.



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