D. James Greiner

Professor of Law


Representative Publications

  • Greiner, D. James & Don Rubin. "Potential Outcomes and Causal Effects of Immutable Characteristics," Review of Economics and Statistics, (forthcoming).
  • Greiner, D. James & Kevin Quinn. "R X C Ecological Inference: Bounds, Correlations, Flexibility, and Transparency of Assumptions," 172 Journal of the Royal Statistical Society 67 (2009).
  • Greiner, D. James. "Causal Inference in Civil Rights Litigation," 122 Harvard Law Review 533 (2008).
    Full text: WWW
  • Greiner, D. James. "Ecological Inference in Voting Rights Act Disputes: Where are We Now, and Where do We Want to Be?" 47 Jurimetrics 115 (2007).


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