Wendy B. Jacobs

Clinical Professor of Law

Director, Emmett Environmental Law and Policy Clinic

Clinic Work

The Emmett Environmental Law and Policy Clinic offers students an opportunity to do real-life and real-time legal and policy work.  Clinic offerings include local, national and international projects covering the spectrum of environmental issues.  Depending on the project, students may undertake litigation and advocacy work by drafting briefs, preparing testimony, conducting research, developing strategy, and reviewing proposed legislation.

Some students work off-campus with government agencies and nonprofit organizations, while others work on-campus on cutting-edge projects and case work under the supervision of Clinical Professor Wendy Jacobs and Clinical Instructor Shaun Goho.  Current clinic projects focus on offshore drilling, municipal climate change adaptation, hydraulic fracturing, Clean Water Act and Clean Air Act amicus briefs, offshore aquaculture, and solar photovoltaic litigation.

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