Louis Kaplow

Finn M. W. Caspersen and Household International Professor of Law and Economics


Representative Publications

  • Kaplow, Louis. Competition Policy and Price Fixing (Princeton University Press forthcoming 2013).
  • Kaplow, Louis. The Theory of Taxation and Public Economics (Princeton University Press 2008).
    Full text: AMAZON (Purchase)
  • Areeda, Phillip, Aaron Edlin & Louis Kaplow. Antitrust Analysis: Problems, Texts, Cases (Aspen Publishers 6th ed. 2004).
  • Kaplow, Louis & Steven M. Shavell. Fairness versus Welfare (Harvard University Press 2002).
    Full text: AMAZON (Purchase)
  • Kaplow, Louis. "The Value of Accuracy in Adjudication: An Economic Analysis," 23 Journal of Legal Studies 307 (1994).
  • Kaplow, Louis. "An Economic Analysis of Legal Transitions," 99 Harvard Law Review 509 (1986).


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