Adriaan Lanni

Professor of Law

Representative Publications



Lanni, Adriaan M. Law and Order in Ancient Athens (Cambridge University Press forthcoming).

Lanni, Adriaan M. Law and Justice in the Courts of Classical Athens (Cambridge University Press 2006).
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Shorter Works in Collection

Lanni, Adriaan M. "From Anthropology to Sociology: New Directions in Ancient Greek Law Research" in Greek Law in the Twenty-First Century (Paula Perlman ed., forthcoming 2013).

Lanni, Adriaan M. "Social Sanctions in Classical Athens" in Symposion 2011: Vortrage zur griecheschen und hellenistischen Rechtgeschichte 99-110 (Bernard Legras ed., OAW, 2013).

Lanni, Adriaan M. "Entries for "Athenian Law" and "Precedent: Greek"" in Encyclopedia of Ancient History (Wiley-Blackwell, forthcoming 2012).

Lanni, Adriaan M. "Law and Democracy in Classical Athens" in The Greek Polis and the Invention of Democracy 163-181 (Johann Arnason, Kurt Raaflaub & Peter Wagner eds., Wiley-Blackwell, 2013).

Lanni, Adriaan M. "Judicial Review and the Athenian "Constitution"" in Demokratia--Ancient and Modern 235 (Mogens Hansen ed., Fondation Hardt, 2010).

Lanni, Adriaan M. "'Evidence: Ancient Athens' and 'Litigation in Ancient Athens'" in The Oxford International Encyclopedia of Legal History (Stanley N. Katz ed., Oxford University Press, 2009).

Lanni, Adriaan M. "Implementing the Neighborhood Grand Jury" in Grand Jury 2.0: Modern Perspectives on the Grand Jury (Roger Fairfax ed., Carolina Academic Press, forthcoming 2009).

Lanni, Adriaan M. "Athenian Approaches to Predictability in Contract Cases" in Symposion 2005: Vortr?ge zur griechischen und hellenistischen Rechtsgeschichte 225 (Eva Cantarella ed., 2007).

Lanni, Adriaan M. "Relevance in Athenian Courts" in The Cambridge Companion to Greek Law 112 (Cambridge University Press, 2005).

Lanni, Adriaan M. "Arguing from 'Precedent': Modern Perspectives on Athenian Practice" in The Law and the Courts in Ancient Greece 159 (Duckworth, 2004).

Articles in a Periodical

Lanni, Adriaan M. & Adrian Vermeule. "Precautionary Constitutionalism in the Ancient World," 34 Cardozo Law Review 893 (2013).
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Lanni, Adriaan M. & Adrian Vermeule. "Ancient Constitutional Design," 64 Stanford Law Review 907 (2012).

Lanni, Adriaan M. ""Publicity and the Courts of Classical Athens"," 25 Yale Journal of Law and the Humanities 119 (2012).

Lanni, Adriaan M. "The Expressive Effect of the Athenian Prostitution Laws," 29.1 Classical Antiquity 45 (2010).

Lanni, Adriaan M. "Transitional Justice in Ancient Athens: A Case Study," 32 University of Pennsylvania Journal of International Law 551 (2010).

Lanni, Adriaan M. "Book Review," American Journal of Legal History, (forthcoming) (reviewing Michael Gagarin, Cambridge Univeristy Press, Writing Greek Law (2008)).

Lanni, Adriaan M. "Social Norms in the Ancient Athenian Courts," 1 J. Legal Analysis 691 (2009).
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Lanni, Adriaan M. "Book Review," American Historical Review, October, at 1209 (reviewing Gabriel Herman, Cambridge University Press, Morality and Behaviour in Democratic Athens (2006)).

Lanni, Adriaan M. "The Laws of War in Ancient Greece," 26 Law and History Review 469 (2008).

Lanni, Adriaan M. "The Future of Community Justice," 40 Harvard Civil Rights-Civil Liberties Law Review 359 (2005).
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Lanni, Adriaan M. "Verdict Most Just: The Modes of Athenian Justice," 16 Yale Journal of Law and Humanities 277 (2004).
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Lanni, Adriaan M. "The Homicide Courts and the Dikasteria: A Paradigm Not Followed," 41 Greek, Roman, and Byzantine Studies 311 (2002).

Lanni, Adriaan M. "Precedent and Legal Reasoning in Ancient Athenian Courts: A Noble Lie?" 43 American Journal of Legal History 27 (1999).
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Lanni, Adriaan M. "Jury Sentencing in Non-Capital Cases: An Idea Whose Time has Come (Again)?" 108 Yale Law Journal 1775 (1999).
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Lanni, Adriaan M. "Protecting Public Rights in Private Arbitration: Cole v. Burns," 107 Yale Law Journal 1157 (1997).
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Lanni, Adriaan M. "Spectator Sport or Serious Politics? Hoi periestekotes and the Athenian Lawcourts," 117 Journal of Hellenic Studies 183 (1997).

Lanni, Adriaan M. "Review of Greek Law in its Political Setting," 7 Bryn Mawr Classical Review 669 (1996) (book review).

Representative Publications

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