Adriaan Lanni

Professor of Law


Representative Publications

  • Symposion 2013: Papers on Ancient Greek and Hellenistic Legal History (Michael Gagarin & Adriaan M. Lanni eds., OAW forthcoming 2014).
  • Lanni, Adriaan M. Law and Order in Ancient Athens (Cambridge University Press forthcoming).
  • Lanni, Adriaan M. Law and Justice in the Courts of Classical Athens (Cambridge University Press 2006).
    Full text: AMAZON (Purchase)
  • Lanni, Adriaan M. "Collective Sanctions in Classical Athens" in Ancient Law, Ancient Society (Dennis Kehoe & Thomas McGinn eds., University of Michigan Press, forthcoming 2016).
  • Lanni, Adriaan M. "From Anthropology to Sociology: New Directions in Ancient Greek Law Research" in Greek Law in the Twenty-First Century (Paula Perlman ed., forthcoming 2015).
  • Lanni, Adriaan M. "Social Sanctions in Classical Athens" in Symposion 2011: Vortrage zur griecheschen und hellenistischen Rechtgeschichte 99-110 (Bernard Legras ed., OAW, 2013).
  • Lanni, Adriaan M. & Adrian Vermeule. "Ancient Constitutional Design," 64 Stanford Law Review 907 (2012).
  • Lanni, Adriaan M. "The Expressive Effect of the Athenian Prostitution Laws," 29.1 Classical Antiquity 45 (2010).
  • Lanni, Adriaan M. "Judicial Review and the Athenian "Constitution"" in Demokratia--Ancient and Modern 235 (Mogens Hansen ed., Fondation Hardt, 2010).
  • Lanni, Adriaan M. "Social Norms in the Ancient Athenian Courts," 1 J. Legal Analysis 691 (2009).
    Full text: WWW
  • Lanni, Adriaan M. "The Laws of War in Ancient Greece," 26 Law and History Review 469 (2008).


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