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Representative Publications



Weinstein, Jack B., John H. Mansfield, Norman Abrams & Margaret Berger. Evidence: Cases and Materials, with 2005 Supplement (Foundation Press 9th ed. 1997).
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Shorter Works in Collection

Mansfield, John H. "Promotion of Liberal Islam by the United States" in Enemy Combatants, Terrorism, and Armed Conflict Law: A Guide to the Issues 85 (David K. Linnan ed., Praeger Security International: Westport CT, London, 2008).

Mansfield, John H. "Religious and Charitable Endowments and a Uniform Civil Code" in Religion and Personal Law in Secular India 69 (Gerald Larson ed., Indiana University Press, 2001).

Mansfield, John H. "The Personal Laws or a Uniform Civil Code?" in Religion and Law in Independent India 139 (Robert D. Baird ed., 1993).

Mansfield, John H. "Religious Speech Under Indian Law" in Comparative Constitutional Law (M.P. Singh ed., 1989).

Mansfield, John H. "A Bill of Rights for the Church" in The Case for Freedom (James A. Coriden ed., Washington: Corpus Books, 1969).

Articles in a Periodical

Mansfield, John H. "Working a Democratic Constitution: the Indian Experience," 63 Journal of Asian Studies 212 (2004) (reviewing Granville Austin, Working a Democratic Constitution: the Indian Experience ).

Mansfield, John H. "Peremptory Challenges to Jurors Based Upon or Affecting Religion," 34 Seton Hall Law Review 435 (2004).
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Mansfield, John H. "Constitutional Limits on the Liability of Churches for Negligent Supervision and Breach of Fiduciary Duty (Symposium: The Impact of Clergy Sexual Misconduct Litigation on Religious Liberty)," 44 Boston College Law Review 1167 (2003).
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Mansfield, John H. "An Embarrassing Episode in the History of the Law of Evidence," 34 Seton Hall Law Review 77 (2003).
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Mansfield, John H. "Thirty-Five Years under the Indian Constitution," 5, 2d Green Bag 311 (2002) (reviewing Granville Austin, Thirty-Five Years under the Indian Constitution ).
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Mansfield, John H. "Scientific Evidence Under Daubert," 28 St. Mary's Law Journal 1 (1996).
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Mansfield, John H. "Church and State: The English Experience," 10 Journal of Law and Religion 267 (1994) (reviewing Adrian Hastings, University of Exeter Press, Church and State: the English Experience: the Prideaux Lectures for 1990 (1991)).

Mansfield, John H. "Evidential Use of Litigation Activity of the Parties," 43 Syracuse Law Review 695 (1992).

Mansfield, John H. "Comment on Holmes, Jean Boudin: The Paradox of Sovereignty and the Privatization of Religion," 30 Nomus 71 (1988).

Mansfield, John H. "The Religion Clauses of the First Amendment and Foreign Relations," 36 DePaul Law Review 1 (1986).

Mansfield, John H. "Jury Notice," 74 Georgetown Law Journal 395 (1985).

Mansfield, John H. "The Religion Clauses of the First Amendment and the Philosophy of the Constitution," 72 California Law Review 847 (1984).

Mansfield, John H. "Exclusion of the Supernatural: The Supreme Court and Aid to Education," 4 Andover Review 2 (1977).

Mansfield, John H. "New England Dissent, 1630-1833," 17 American Journal of Legal History 185 (1973) (reviewing William G. McLoughlin, Harvard University Press, New England Dissent, 1630-1833 (1971)).

Mansfield, John H. "Conscientious Objection--1964 Term," 1966 Religion and the Public Order 3 (1966).

Mansfield, John H. "The Albertson Case: Conflict Between the Privilege Against Self-Incrimination and the Government's Need for Information," 1966 Supreme Court Review 103 (1966).

Mansfield, John H. "Comment, Hart and Honore, Causation and the Law," 17 Vanderbilt Law Review 487 (1964).

Mansfield, John H. "Religion and the Law," 52 California Law Review 212 (1964) (reviewing Philip Kurland, Religion and the Law ).

Mansfield, John H. "The Law and Its Compass," 7 Nat. L. Forum 198 (1962) (reviewing (Lord) Radcliffe, The Law and Its Compass (1960 Rosenthal Lectures) ).

Mansfield, John H. "Informed Choice in the Law of Torts," 22 Louisiana Law Review 17 (1961).

Mansfield, John H. "Traffic Victims: Tort Law and Insurance," 73 Harvard Law Review 1243 (1960) (reviewing Leon Green, Northwestern University Press, Traffic Victims: Tort Law and Insurance (1958)).

Articles in a Newspaper

Mansfield, John H. "Liberties in Vietnam: Defending the Troops," American Civil Liberties Union, 1972 (284), at 1.

Miscellaneous Publications

John H. Mansfield. Introduction to Catalogue, Teaching Evidence at Harvard: A Venerable Succession (Manuscript Division, Harvard Law School Library, 1996).

John H. Mansfield. Harvard and the Pink Hat Cafe: Recollections of the Civil Rights Movement (Leverett House, Harvard University, 1995)

John H. Mansfield. Introduction to Catalogue, Felix Frankfurter, Public Servant, Jurist, Colleague (Manuscript Division, Harvard Law School Library, 1977).

John H. Mansfield. Felix Frankfurter, Talks in Tribute, Harvard Law School Pamphlet No. 8 (1965), reprinted 78 Harvard Law Review 1529 (1965).

Representative Publications

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