Sharon B. Jacobs

Climenko Fellow and Lecturer on Law


Representative Publications


Articles in a Periodical

Jacobs, Sharon. "Bypassing Federalism and the Administrative Law of Negawatts," Iowa Law Review, (forthcoming).

Jacobs, Sharon. "The Administrative State's Passive Virtues," 66 Administrative Law Review (forthcoming 2014).

Frampton, George & Sharon Jacobs. "A Change in the Climate," European Lawyer, April 2010, at 9.

Jacobs, Sharon. "Crises, Congress, and Cognitive Biases: A Critical Examination of Food and Drug Legislation in the United States," 64 Food & Drug Law Journal 599 (2009).

Jacobs, Sharon. "On the Mend: The Ninth Circuit Gives San Francisco's Health Care Security Ordinance the Green Light (For Now)," 36 Journal of Law, Medicine and Ethics 431 (2008).

Representative Publications

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