The Future of Affirmative Action: Reclaiming the Innovative Ideal: This article co-authored by Susan Sturm and Lani Guinier was published in the California Law Review in July of 1996. This article advances a fundamental critique of existing selection and admission conventions, and diversity into a framework of selection that is responsive to the innovative challenges of a dynamic and uncertain economy.

Race, Gender and the Law in the Twenty-First Century Workplace: Some Preliminary Observations – By Susan Sturm and published in the University of Penn. Journal of Employment and Labor Law.

The Real Bias in Higher Education: Printed in the New York Times on June 24, 1997, this article authored by Lani Guinier addresses the bias of standardized test such as the LSAT. Dependence on scores of these tests by admission offices neglects alternative ways to access the student's potential to succeed in school and career.

Dialogue Without Depth: Lani Guinier comments on a town hall meeting in Akron, Ohio where President Clinton calls for a national conversation on race. Printed in The New York Times.

An Equal Chance: Printed in The New York Times, Lani Guinier discusses Texas’ adoption of a ten percent plan regarding college admission, recognizing diversity as a resource that benefits everyone.


African-American Review: This interview occurred between Lani Guinier and Lise Funderberg. Printed in the African-American Review, the article provides more information on the goals RACETALKS INITIATIVES hopes to accomplish.