Shahab Ahmed

Lecturer on Law



Representative Publications

  • Ahmed, Shahab & Nenad Filipovic. "The Sultan's Syllabus: A Curriculum for the Ottoman Imperial medreses prescribed in a ferman of Qanuni I Suleyman, dated 973 (1566)," 98/99 Studia Islamica 183 (2004).
  • Ahmed, Shahab. "Hadith (i. A General Introduction)" in Encyclopaedia Iranica Vol. 9.4, 442 (Ehsan Yarshater ed., Routledge and Kegan Paul, continued by Bibliotheca Persica Press, 1982-ongoing, 1999).
  • Ahmed, Shahab. "Ibn Taymiyyah and the Satanic verses," 87 Studia Islamica 67 (1998).


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