Curriculum Vitae


Harvard Law School
1575 Massachusetts Ave.
Cambridge MA 02138 
(617) 496-0182                                                                                                     


J.D., Yale Law School, 1988
Ph.D., English Literature, University of California at Los Angeles, 1980
B.A., English Literature, Summa Cum Laude, Princeton University, 1974        


Royall Professor, Harvard Law School, Spring 2006 -
Professor, Harvard Law School, Fall 2000 -
Ibrahim Shehata Senior Fellow, American University in Cairo, January Term 2008
Visiting Professor, Tel Aviv University School of Law, March-April 2005
Visiting Professor, Harvard Law School, Fall 1999.
Professor, Stanford Law School, 1995 - 2000.  (Associate Professor, 1991-95.)
Associate, Litigation, Skadden, Arps, Slate, Meagher & Flom, Boston, 1989-1991.
Judicial Clerk, Judge Gilbert S. Merritt, U.S. Court of Appeals for the Sixth Circuit, Nashville, 1988-1989.
Law Clerk, Silverglate, Gertner, Fine & Good, Boston, Summer 1987.  
Thomas Emerson Fellow, Connecticut Civil Liberties Union, Hartford, 1986-1987.
Law Clerk, Employment Law Center, San Francisco, Summer 1986.
Assistant Professor of English, Hamilton College, Clinton, NY, 1980-1985.
Teaching Fellow, UCLA, Los Angeles, 1976-1978.


Weyrauch Lecturer, University of Florida, October 2012
Association for Law, Humanities & Culture J.B. White Lifetime Achievement Award for Contributions to Law & the Humanities, February 2012
Law & Humanities Distinguished Lecturer, USC Gould School of Law, January 2011
Dyson Lecturer, Pace Law School, November 2010
Or Emet Lecturer, Osgoode Hall Law School, York University, Toronto, October 2003
Distinguished Visiting Professor, University of Toronto Faculty of Law, January 2003
Brainerd Currie Memorial Lecturer, Duke University School of Law, November  2002
Messenger Lecturer, Cornell University, Fall 2001
Chancellor’s Distinguished Fellow, University of California at Irvine, Spring 2001
Inaugural Lecturer, New York University Center for the Study of Gender and Sexuality, Fall 2000
NEH Fellowship for University Teachers, 2000-01
2000 Distinguished Lecturer, Davis Law School and McGeorge Law School, February 2000
Francis Biddle Memorial Lecture, Harvard Law School, Spring 1998.
Robert E. Paradise Faculty Scholar for Excellence in Teaching and Research, Stanford Law School,1996.
Irvine Foundation Grant, Stanford University, 1994.
OTL Research Incentive Fund Grant, Stanford University, 1992-1993.
Founding and Executive Editor, Yale Journal of Law and the Humanities, 1987-1989.
Margaret Bundy Scott Fellow, Hamilton College, 1983-1984.
Lily Bess Campbell Dissertation Fellow, UCLA, 1979-1980.
Chancellor's Intern Fellow, UCLA, 1975-1979.
Phi Beta Kappa, Princeton University, 1974.


In progress

The Family/Market Distinction: A Legal History and Critical Deconstruction  (book ms).

Governance Feminism: Sexual Violence and the International Feminist Establishment (book ms).

“Rewriting Rape II: Feminist Reforms in the Prosecution and Adjudication of Sexual Violence in Armed Conflict” (article MS).

In press

“Behind the Law of Marriage, Part II: Travelling Marriage,”-- Unbound: A Journal of the Legal Left – (in press)

In print

“After Gender: Tools for Progressives in a Shift from Sexual Domination to the Economic Family,” 31 Pace Law Review 881 (2011).

“Le Genre Critique: Comment (Ne Pas) Genrer Le Droit?”, trans. Vincent Forray, 2011 Jurisprudence: Revue Critique 109

“Vergewal Tigung in Berlin: Neue Überlegungen zur Kriminalisierung von Vergewal Tigung im Kreigsvökerrecht,” -- Kritische Justiz – (German translation of “Rape in Berlin: Reconsidering the Criminalisation of Rape in the International Law of Armed Conflict,” 9 Melbourne J. of International Law 78 (2008)).

“What is Family Law?: A Genealogy, Part I”, 23 Yale Journal of Law & the Humanities 1 (2011) and “What is Family Law?: A Genealogy, Part II”, -- 23 Yale Journal of Law & the Humanities 189 (2011)

“Behind the Law of Marriage, Part I: From Status/Contract to the Marriage System,”6 Unbound: A Journal of the Legal Left 1 (2010).

With Andrew Parker, eds., After Sex? On Writing Since Queer Theory, with an introduction by the editors (Duke University Press, 2011).
This volume revises the following:  With Andrew Parker, eds., After Sex? New Writing Since Queer Theory, special issue of South Atlantic Quarterly, 106:3 SAQ 421 (2007), with an introduction by the editors.

Special Issue Editor, Critical Directions in Comparative Family Law, an edition of eight articles with an introduction by J. Halley and Kerry Rittich, “Critical Directions in Comparative Family Law: Genealogies and Contemporary Studies of Family Law Exceptionalism,” 58 American Journal of Comparative Law 753 (2010).
***LInk to SSRN abstract***

“Does Law have an Outside?”, Osgoode Hall Law School Comparative Research in Law & Political Economy Research Paper No. 7(1) 2010.

Editor, Tribute to Eve Kososfky Sedgwick, an edition of five short essays with an introduction by J. Halley, “A Tribute from Legal Studies to Eve Kosofsky Sedgwick: Introduction,”  33 Harvard Journal of Law and Gender 309 (2010)

“Note sulla Costruczione del Sistema delle Relazioni di Coppia: Un Saggio di Realismo Guiridico, XXVII-4 Revista Critica del Diritto Privato.515 (Dicembre 2009).

“Rape at Rome: Feminist Interventions in the Criminalization of Sex-Related Violence in Positive International Criminal Law,” 30 Michigan J. of Int’l Law 1 (2008).

“Rape in Berlin: Reconsidering the Criminalisation of Rape in the International Law of Armed Conflict,” 9 Melbourne J. of International Law 78 (2008).

“My Isaac Royall Legacy,” 24 Harvard Blackletter Law Journal 117 (2008).

With Rose Moss, eds., Words: From the HLS Creative Writer’s Group, Spring 2006 (Afar, 2006). 

Split Decisions: How and Why to Take a Break from Feminism (Princeton University Press, 2006).
Excerpted in Cynthia grant Bowman, Laura A. Rosenbury, Deborah Tuerkheimer and Kimberly A. Yuracko, Feminist Jurisprudence: Cases and Materials (West, 2010).

With Prabha Kotiswaran, Chantal Thomas and Hila Shamir “From the International to the Local in Feminist Legal Responses to Rape, Prostitution/Sex Work, and Sex Trafficking: Four Studies in Contemporary Goverance Feminism" 29 Harvard Journal of Law and Gender 335 (2006).

“The Politics of Injury: A Review of Robin West’s Caring for Justice,” in unbound (Spring 2005).                 

“Of Time and the Pedagogy of Critical Legal Studies,” in Duncan Kennedy, Legal Education and the Reproduction of Hierarchy (reissue; NYU Press 2004).   

“Take a Break from Feminism?”, in Karen Knop, ed., Gender and Human Rights (Oxford: Oxford U.P. 2004).

“Subversive Legal Moments?”, a Roundtable with Karen Engle, Elizabeth Schneider, Vicki Schultz, Adrienne Davis and Nathaniel Berman, 12: 2 Texas Journal of Women and the Law197 (2003). 

“Gender, Sexuality and Power - Is Feminist Theory Enough?", Brenda Cossman, Dan Danielsen, Janet Halley and Tracy Higgins, in Why a Feminist Law Journal?, a special issue of the Columbia Journal of Gender and Law, 12 Colum. J. Gender & L. 601 (2004).

Partially reprinted in Katharine T. Bartlett and Deborah L. Rhode, Gender and Law: Theory, Doctrine,Commentary (Cambridge, MA: Aspen Publishers, 2006).

Nominally by Ian Halley: "Queer Theory by Men," 11 Duke Journal of Gender Law & Policy 7 (with comments by a number of humanities scholars) (2004).

Left Legalism/Left Critique, co-edited with Wendy Brown, Duke University Press, 2002.

            “Introduction” to Left Legalism/Left Critique, coauthored with Wendy Brown.

“Sexuality Harassment,” various short essays in:

Left Legalism/Left Critique, co-edited with Wendy Brown, Duke University Press, 2002, pp. 80-104.                      

Rpt. in Stephen E. Gottlieb, Brian Bix, Timothy D. Lytton and Robin L. West, Jurisprudence, Cases and Materials: An Introduction to the Philosophy of Law and its Applications (Newark, NJ: LexisNexis, 2006).       

5-6 Working Papers in Gender/Sexuality Studies 182-207 (June 1999) (Center for the Study of Sexualities at the National Central Univesity, Chungli,Taiwan) (in Chinese)

"Sexuality Harassment.  Omosessualita e molestie davanti alla Corte Suprema degli Stati Uniti," Revista Critica del Diritto Privato, Anno XX - 4 Dicembre 2002 (trimestrale), pp. 609-635 (in Italian).

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In Memoriam: David Charny, 114 Harvard L. Rev. 2232 (2001).
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Don’t: A Reader’s Guide to the Military’s Anti-Gay Policy  (Duke Univ. Press, 1999).

Don’t substantially revises the following earlier publication: "The Status/Conduct Distinction in the 1993 Revisions to Military Anti-Gay Policy: A Legal Archaeology," 3 GLQ: A Journal of Lesbian and Gay Studies 159 (1996).

Introductory Essay on the Tenth Anniversary of the Yale Journal of Law & the Humanities, -- Yale Journal of Law & the Humanities -- (1998).

“Gay Rights and Identity Imitation: Issues in the Ethics of Representation,” in David Kairys, ed., The Politics of Law, 3rd ed. (Temple Univ. Press, 1998).

Revised version entitled “Like-Race Arguments,” in Judith Butler, John Guillory and Kendall Thomas, eds., What’s Left of Theory? (Routledge, 2001) (Proceedings of the English Instititute), pp. 40-74.

“Culture Constrains,” in Is Multiculturalism Bad For Women?, by Susan Muller Okin, Joshua Cohen (ed.), and Martha C. Nussbaum (ed.) (Princeton Univ. Press 1999)

            Originally published in the Boston Review, November 1997, pp. 39-40.

Romer v. Hardwick,” 68 Colorado Law Review 429 (1997).

"The Sexual Economist and Legal Regulation of the Sexual Orientations," in Laws & Nature: Shaping Sex, Preference and Family, eds. David M. Estlund and Martha C. Nussbaum (Oxford Univ. Press, 1997).

Introduction, Yale Journal of Law & the Humanities special issue on Law, Culture and Sexual Orientation (1996).

"Sexual Orientation and the Politics of Biology: A Critique of the Argument from Immutability," 46 Stanford L. Rev. 503 (1994).

Excerpted in in Sexuality, Gender and the Law, ed. William N. Eskridge, Jr. and Nan D. Hunter (Foundation, 1997); to be excerpted in John H. Garvey and T. Alexander Aleinikoff, eds., Modern Constitutional Theory: A Reader, 4th ed. (West, 1999).

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Excerpted and translated as “Razonar sobre la sodomía: acto e identidad en y después Bowers v. Hardwick in Crítica Juridíca: Teoría y Sociología Juridica en los Estados Unidos, ed. Mauricio García Villegas, Isabel Christina Jaramillo Sierra, and Esteban Restrepo Saldarriaga (Magdalena Holguín – Bogotá: Universitad de los Andes, Facultad de Derecho, Ediciones Uniandes, 2005).

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"The Politics of the Closet: Towards Equal Protection for Gay, Lesbian and Bisexual Identity," 36 UCLA Law Review 915 (1989).

Reprinted in Reclaiming Sodom, ed. Jonathan Goldberg (Routledge, 1994); in After Identity: Essays in Law and Culture, eds. Dan Danielsen and Karen Engle (Routledge, 1994); in Homosexuality and the Constitution: Volume 2: Homosexuals and the Military, ed. Arthur S. Leonard (Garland, 1997).

Seeking the Woman in Late Medieval and Renaissance Literature: Essays in Feminist Contextual Criticism, co-edited with Sheila Fisher, University of Tennessee Press, 1989.  Including:

"The Lady Vanishes: The Problem of Women's Absence in Late Medieval and Renaissance Texts," with Sheila Fisher.

"Textual Intercourse: Anne Donne, John Donne, and the Sexual Poetics of Textual Exchange."

"Female Autonomy in Milton's Sexual Poetics," in Milton and the Idea of Woman, ed. Julia Walker (Urbana: Univ. of Illinois Press 1988).

Reprinted in John Milton, Paradise Lost: An Authoritative Text, Backgrounds and Sources, and Criticiam (A Norton Critical Edition), ed. Scott Elledge (2d ed.) (New York: Norton, 1992).

"Heresy, Orthodoxy, and the Politics of Religious Discourse: The Case of the Family of Love," 15 Representations (Summer 1986).

Reprinted in Representing the Renaissance, ed. Stephen Greenblatt (Berkeley: University of California Press, 1987).

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"Voice and Sign in Seventeenth-Century English Literature: Studies in Donne, Vaughan, Browne and Milton," dissertation, directed by Professor Christopher Grose (University of California at Los Angeles, 1980).


“The Politics of the Anus: An Interview with Professor Janet Halley,” by Yishai Blank, Ha-zman Ha-varod (The Pink Times) (Tel Aviv, Israel), July 2003 (in Hebrew). 

Op Eds and Letters: “Despite Reforms, ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell’ Continues to be Anti-Gay,” Op-Ed, Los Angeles Times, Sunday, August 22, 1999, at M5; “‘Don’t Ask’ Failed,” Letter to the Editor, New York Times, Sunday November 14, 1999, Week in Review at 14.

Guest on radio shows: “On the Air,” KPFK (Los Angeles), December 2, 1999 (military anti-gay policy); “Public Interest,” WAMU (Washington, D.C.), January 10, 2000 (same).


“Rewriting Rape: Recent Feminist Law Reform of Positive International Humanitarian Law.”
Siderow Workshop for Law and Political Thought, Tel Aviv University Buchmann Faculty of Law (January 2008); American University at Cairo Law Department (January 2008).

“Travelling Marriage”: Univerisity of Chicago Late Liberalism Reading Group (January 2007); University of Virginia Law and Humanities Workshop (April 2006);Conference on Family Law in the EU, Corte di Cassazione, Rome (June 2005); Harvard Law School Faculty Workshop (Summer 2005).

“Behind the Law of (Same-Sex) Marriage,” for “The Future of Gay Marriage,” Northeastern University School of Law (November 2003); conference on “Cultural Citizenship,” Radcliffe Institute, Harvard University (February 2004); PIL, Harvard Law School (June 2004).

“Taking a Break from Feminism” – various versions –  Keynote Speaker, “The Turn to Scholarship: the Inaugural Confernce of Doctorate of Juricial Science Candidates,” NYU Law School (January 2004); Queer Theory Reading Group, Tel Aviv University (May 2003); Conference on “Why a Feminist Law Journal?” sponsored by the Columbia Journal of Gender and Law, Columbia Law School (April 2003) (also organized the plenary panel on which I spoke); Subversive Legacies Conference, University of Texas School of Law (November 2002).

“A Map of Feminist and Queer Theories of Sexuality and Sexual Regulation,”  The Williams Project Speaker Series, UCLA School of Law (May 2003); Feminism and Law Workshop, University of Toronto, Faculty of Law (January 2003); Status and Subordination Seminar, Stanford Law School (March 2003); Program for the Study of Women, Gender & Sexuality Studies Interdisciplinary Seminar, Johns Hopkins University (March 2003); Program in Law and Public Affairs Faculty Workshop, Princeton University (December 2002).

“Queer Theory by Men,” Keynote address at “An Other Sex 03,"  The Third Annual Conference on Gay and Lesbian Studies and Queer Theory, Tel-Aviv University (organized by the University’s Women Studies Forum and the G&L and Queer Theory Forum); Brainerd Currie Memorial Lecture, Duke University School of Law, November  2002.

“Weber and Arendt on Violence and Law,” roundtable on Citizenship: A Discussion on Hannah Arendt's On Violence, Barker Humanities Center, Harvard University (with Homi Bhabha and Richard Thomas) (April 2003).

“Some Deficits in the Gay Centrist Agenda for Family Pluralism,” conference on Marriage, Partnerships and Parenting in the 21st Century, Turin, Italy (June 2002)

Messenger Lecturer, Cornell University, Fall 2001 (a series of lectures and seminars on law and sexual politics)

“Feminism and its Alternatives,” lecture given as the Chancellor’s Distinguished Fellow, University of California at Irvine (November 2001); Fondazione Basso, Rome (June 2002); Centro Interstrutture di Servizi Informatici e Telematici per la FacoltB Umanistiche, University of Turin, Italy (June 2002).

“Gay/Queer // Rights/Critique,” Wesleyan University Humanities Center (May 2002).

“Regulating Sexual Life,” with Vicki Schultz and Duncan Kennedy, Conference on Feminist Legal Theory at Western New England Law School (April 2001); at Harvard Law School (September 2001). 

“Sex, Gender, Sexuality: Some Recent Controversies in American Legal Thought,” Specialized Course, European University Institute, Academy of European Law, Florence, Italy (June 2001).

“Left Legalism/Left Critique,” with Wendy Brown, at Ohio State University conference on Jurisdictions (May 2000) and at Cornell Law School (March 2001).       

“Queer Theory and the Problem of Structural Bias,” plenary lecture at the Harvard Law School European Law Research Center Colloquium on Structural Bias and Identity (April 2000).

Moderator, panel on Fighting Gender and Sexual Orientation Discrimination, Conference on Constitutional Lawyering in the 21st Century, sponsored by the Harvard Civil Rights-Civil Liberties Law Review (March 2000).

“Othering the Theory/Practice Distinction,” plenary address to the final Sawyer Conference sponsored by the  University of Chicago’s Franke Institute for the Humanities, on Hatred: Confronting the Other (February 2000).
“Recognition, Rights, Regulation, Normalization,” at Same Sex Partnerships Conference, King’s College School of Law, University of London (July 1999); at Hamilton College (October 1999), and at the Law & Society Association’s Annual Meeting (May 2000).

University of California Humanities Institute at the University of California at Irvine, Residential Group on “Interdisciplinary Queer Studies”: Guest Lecturer at  Research Seminar on Law and Sexuality (October 1999).

On Sex Harassment.  “Sexuality Harassment,” keynote address of a conference on “Queer Publics/Queer Privates,” New York University (May 1998).  Subsequent revisions and chapters: New York University Center for the Study of Gender and Sexuality (October 2000); Yale University, Whitney Humanities Center conference on “Sexuality, Modernity, and Social Theory” (April 2000), UCLA Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Studies Program and Women’s Studies Program Lecture Series (February 2000), Unit for Criticism and Interpretive Theory at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (February 1999), Women’s Studies/Critical Gender Studies Colloquium at the University of California at San Diego (April 1999); Legal Theory Seminars at NYU Law School (March 1999); USC Law Center (April 1999); and University of Virginia School of Law (September 1999); Harvard Law School (October 1999); Harvard University, Barker Center (December 1999), Davis/McGeorge Law Schools (February 2000), Stanford Law School Distributive Justice Seminar (February 2000), University of Toronto Faculty of Law (January 2001); and Columbia Law School’s Center for the Study of Law and Culture (November 2000); Fordham Law School Legal Theory Workshop (March 2002); as the Messenger Lecture at Cornell University (October 2001); Sexuality Studies, Duke University (February 2002), Tel Aviv University, School of Law, Minerva Human Rights Center (May 2003).

“Totally Familiar,” at “Sexual Harassment: A Symposium,” Yale Law School (February 1998).

“Postidentarian Yearning and Progressive Legalism: Foucault’s Changes,” at a conference on Postmodernism/Postmodernity: Politics, Law, Culture, Aesthetics, Whitney Humanities Center, Yale University (February 1998).

“Like Race Arguments,” at the English Institute, Harvard University (September 1997); at conference on “Law and Humanities,” University of California, Berkeley (March 1998), and as the Francis Biddle Memorial Lecture, Harvard Law School (April 1998).

Romer v. Hardwick,” at the conference on Gay Rights and the Courts: The Amendment Two Controversy at the University of Colorado at Boulder School of Law (October 1996) and at the Center for Cultural Studies, University of California at Santa Cruz (November 1996).

“Meta-Nationalisms,” at the conference on Immigration and Citizenship sponsored the University of Milan School of Law and Stanford Law School, Milan, November 1996.

"Re-presenting Lesbians, Gay Men, and Bisexuals," keynote address at the conference on Resisting Dissymetries: Contested Boundaries and the Construction of Queer Space, University of California at Berkeley, April 1996.

"Sodomy, Heresy, Treason: Some Historiographies of Contemporary Legal Polemics,"" Sawyer Seminar on Forbidden Practices, Andrew Mellon Foundation of the University of Chicago, November 1995.

"Law and Identity," AALS Workshop on Jurisprudence, Los Angeles, October 1995.

"Devising a Pro-Gay Legal Strategy," seminar presentation to Stanford Feminist Studies Colloquium on Gay and Lesbian Studies, February 1995.

"A Critique of the Miscegenation Analogy," panel on Anti-Gay Discrimination/Sex Discrimination at the Association of American Law Schools Conference, New Orleans, January 1995.

On Military Anti-Gay Policy.  "The Conduct/Status Distinction in the 1993 Revisions to Military Anti-Gay Policy," Hamilton College, September 1996; seminar sponsored by New York University Humanities Council Faculty Research Colloquium on Gay and Lesbian Studies, October 1993; "Achieving Military Discharge," conference on "Publics and Privates," Cornell University, April 1994; Faculty Workshop at the University of Arizona Law School, April 1995; Legal Theory Workshop, University of Miami Law School, December 1995; Stanford Workshop on the Letter of the Law, February 1996 (in the same series I commented on Judith Butler's paper "Contagious Word: 'Homosexuality' and Paranoia in the Military); Hamilton Colllege, September 1996; Columbia Law School Legal Theory Workshop, April 1997; Stanford Law School OUTLAW Symposium on the Solomon Amendment (November 1998); Guest Lecturer in Administrative Law, American University, (October 1999).

On the “Gay Gene” Problem.  "Sexual Orientation and the Politics of Biology: A Critique of the Argument from Immutability,"  New York University Humanities Council Faculty Research Colloquium on Gay and Lesbian Studies, October 1993; Seminars on Feminist Theory at Chicago Law School and Yale Law School, November 1993 and February 1994; Seminar with the Group with Interests in Genetics and Society, December 1993; Syracuse University Ray Smith Symposium "Out in the Academy" Conference on "Coming Out: Scholarship Across the Disciplines," February 1994; Stanford University Center for Biomedical Ethics Grand Rounds, June 1994; Law & Identity Workshop, Boalt Hall School of Law, October 1994; Center for Theology and the Natural Sciences at the Graduate Theological Union, Berkeley, CA, January 1995; University of Arizona Law School Perspectives Colloquium, April 1995; Conference on "Genetics and the Human Genome Project: Where Scientific and Public Cultures Meet," Stanford University, November 1995.

"The Multiple Meanings of Sexual Orientation," comments at plenary session of the Institute of Gay and Lesbian Education's Symposium on Sexual Orientation and the Law, West Hollywood, CA, January 1994.

CLE Course Organizer, "Elimination of Bias Update: What Lawyers and their Employer Clients Should Know About Disability and Sexual Orientation Law," Stanford Law School, December, 1993.

"Queers Teach Law," comments at plenary session of the Society of American Law Teachers' Conference on Reimagining Traditional Law School Courses, November 1993.

"Reasoning about Sodomy," Symposium on Sexual Orientation and the Law, University of Virginia School of Law, April 1993.

"Comments on Judge Posner's Economic Analysis of Homosexuality," Conference on Laws & Nature: Shaping Sex, Preference and Family, Brown University, February 1993.

"The Construction of Heterosexuality,"  Duke University, March 1992; and as plenary address at Critical Networks Conference, Boston, April 1992.

"Some Definitional Problems in Anti-Essentialism," Critical Networks Conference, Boston, April 1992.

Commentator, Panel on Deviant Voices: Orthodoxy and Subversion, Conference on Justice and its Discontents: Dissent in the Renaissance, Yale University, February 1992.

"Coming Out Under the First Amendment," Modern Language Association Convention, San Francisco, December 1991.

"The Changer and the Changed: A Look at Antihomosexual Legislation, Mutability, and the Political Process," Stanford Law School, May 1990.

"Constitutions of Sexual Orientation Identity," Law and Society Association Conference, Berkeley, May 1990.

Review of David F. Greenberg's The Construction of Homosexuality (Chicago, 1988), Law and Society Association Conference, Berkeley, May 1990.

Guest Lecturer, courses on "Discrimination Law" and "Sexuality, 'Privacy,' and Constitutional Law," Smith College, February 1990.

"What's Wrong with the Mutability Doctrine," panel entitled "Privacy Isn't Everything," American Association of Law Schools Conference, San Francisco, January 1990.

"Misreading Sodomy," Modern Language Association Convention, Washington, D.C., December 1989.

"Recent Developments in the Sixth Circuit: Civil Rights," Continuing Education of the Bar of Ohio, Cincinnati, July 1989.

Panel organizer, "Interpreting Property: The New Dialogue of Law and Literary Criticism," Modern Language Association Convention, New Orleans, December 1988.

"Making a Difference: How Feminists and Supreme Court Justices Talk about Equality," paper delivered at the New England Women's Studies Association Conference on "Difference: Myths and Realities," March 1987.  Panel organizer, "Feminist Jurisprudence and the Legal Representation of Difference: Beyond the Equal Treatment/Special Treatment Dilemma."

"Heterosexual Transcendence and Milton's Antifeminist Reader," Conference on the Politics of Literary Adulation, West Chester University, April 1985.

Commentator, panel on "The Literary Traffic in Women," University of Pennsylvania Conference on Women's Studies, March 1985.

"Donne's 'A Litanie' and the Politics of Private Devotion," the Sixth Biennial Renaissance Conference at the University of Michigan-Dearborn, on "The Seventeenth-Century Religious Lyric," October 1984.

"Censored Discourse: The Politics of Familist Language": drafts read at the Center for Medieval and Renaissance Studies Conference on Persons in Groups: Social Behavior as Identity Formation, SUNY Binghamton, October 1982; and at the Sixteenth Century Studies Conference, Concordia Seminary, October 1982.

"'Harmonious Sisters, Voice and Verse': Women and Fiction in Milton's Early Verse," Conference of the Mid-Atlantic Women's Studies Association, West Chester University, October 1982.


Civil Procedure, 1991-95, 1997-98
Family Law, 1992, 1995, 1996, 1997, 1999- 2007, 2009-13
Regulation of the Household, 2008-2009.
Comparative Family Law: 2005, 2006 (Egyptian and U.S. family law)
Women and the Law (with Libby Adler): 2006
Discrimination,  2002-04
Identity and Difference, 1992, 1993, 1996
Races, Communities and Nations: Identity in Law and Culture (usually with Thomas C. Heller), 1995, 1996, 1998
Representing Social Movements: 1997 (with William Simon); 1999, (with Dori Spivak, at Tel Aviv University) 2005.
Act and Identity: Representation in Law and Culture (with Judith Butler), 1998
Theories of the Family, 1998, 2003
Rape, Sexual Harassment, Pornography: Problems in Feminist Legal Theory and Practice, 2000, 2001
Critical Theory and Legal Action, 2002, 2006
Transgender Law (with Dean Spade), Spring 2006
What is Critique? (Reading Group), 2002
The Poetics of Sexual Injury (with Andrew Parker), 2004
Legal Realism Reading Group, 2008
Law and Humanities Colloquium, 2009
Trafficking and Labor Migration, 2011, 2013
Legal Theory in Legal Scholarship, 2010, 2013


Co-Editor, with Melissa Murray, Family Law Jotwell.                     

Harvard University: Standing Committee, Women’s, Gender and Sexuality Studies Program (2006-07); Consultant, Lemming Committee on Sexual Violence and Student Disciplinary Procedures (2003); Co-chair, Barker Humanities Center Seminar on Feminist Theory (2002-03)

Harvard Law School: Director of the Program on Law and Social Thought, 2003 –.  Book Trouble, Spring 2003-07.  Programs on Sex, Sexuality, Gender, Sexual Orientation and the Family (various public and invitational lectures and conferences during the academic year), 2000, 2001-02, 2002-03, 2003-04. Advisory Board, Arts and Lierature Society, 2004 –.  Graduate Committee, 2002-07.  Cofounder of the Law and the Arts Initiative and the Initiative for the Study of Law, Gender and Sexuality.   Several conferences under the auspices of the Program on Law and Social Thought.  Invited presentations to student groups, e.g., for 2002-03: How to Put Together a Law & Humanities Syllabus, Graduate Student Pedagogy Seminar; What Went Wrong?: Reflections on Solomon, BLGT Rally; Feminism and Queer Theory, with Brenda Cossman, Dean’s Forum on Same-Sex Marriage, etc.

Stanford University: Search Committee for Dean of the Law School, Fall 1998. Member of the Committee in Charge of the Doctoral Program in Modern Thought and Literature, Fall 1998 -- . Board of Judicial Affairs, Member, Fall 1997; Co-Chair, Spring - Fall 1998.  Sexual Harassment Policy, Advisor, 1995-97, Fall 1998; Panelist, 1994-95, Fall 1998. 

Stanford Law School: Clinical Programs Committee, 1997-99; Public Interest Curriculum Review Committee, Summer 1997; Appointments Commitee, 1995-97; Chair of Minority Subcommittee of the Appointments Committee, 1996-97; Public Interest Committee, 1994-95; Curriculum Committee, 1991-4; Faculty Member in charge of the Family Advocacy and Support Program, 1993 - 1998.

Member, Board of Advisors, Center for the Study of Sexual Minorities in the Military (University of California at Santa Barbara), 2001 – present.

Member, Review Team, University of Toronto Faculty of Law, November 2000.

Coordinator, with Richard T. Ford, of the Stanford Law and Humanities Seminar (Spring 2000)

Consultant to Gay and Lesbian Advocates and Defenders on lesbian co-parent case (E.N.O.), Fall 1999.

Co-editor, with Richard Thompson Ford, of Law, Humanities and Culture (an on-line abstracts journal, part of the Legal Scholarship Network) (first issue September 1997, through 2001).

Co-manager, with J. Paul Lomio and staff of the Crown Law Library of Stanford Law School, of The Don’t Ask/Don’t Tell/Don’t Pursue Database, a website providing otherwise unaccessible documents in the history of U.S. military regulation of sexuality

Cooperating Attorney, Lambda Legal Defense, Los Angeles (amicus brief in Chapman v. Municipal Court, appeal from denial of lewd conduct defendant’s motion to compel discovery of selective prosecution) (1997).

Board of Directors of the American Civil Liberties Union of Northern California (1992-1995).  Subcommittee on Double Jeopardy Policy, ACLU-NC (1993).  Legal Committee (1993-95).

Editorial Advisory Boards: Clave: counterdisciplinary notes on race, power and the state (2004-06); CPOGG-J (Critical Perspectives on Global Governance – Journal) (2003 – );  GLQ: A Quarterly of Gay and Lesbian Studies (1994 -- ); Yale Journal of Law & the Humanities (1998 -- ); NYU Press’s “Sexual Cultures: New Directions” series (1998 -- ); Stanford Humanities Review (1992-94); LSN on-line journals Family and Childrens’ Law Abstracts (1999 - 2001) and Discrimination, Law and Justice (1999 - 2001).

Legal advisor to Arlington (Virginia) Gay and Lesbian Alliance on authority of the Arlington County Board to pass an ordinance banning sexual-orientation discrimination (June 1992).

AIDS Fundraiser: Wrote successful grant proposals raising $25,000 for inaugural year of Connecticut AIDS Coordinates, a legal network affiliated with the Connecticut Civil Liberties Union and the Legal Aid Society of Hartford (1988-1989).

Yale Law School: Niantic Women's Prison Project: Co-Coordinator (1986-1987), Participant (1985-1986); Women's Temporary Restraining Order Project: Director of Training (Spring-Fall 1986); Women's Reading Group on Feminist Theory and the Law: Founder and organizer (Fall 1986).

Hamilton College: Active in designing and implementing policies affecting women and minorities; in developing Women's Studies Program; and in restructuring Writing Program (1980-1985).

Prepublication reviews for: GLQ (2012); NYU Press (2012); Yale Law Journal (2011); Princeton University Press (2003, 2004, 2006); University of Chicago Press (1996, 1997, 1999, 2013); Yale Journal of Law & the Humanities (1995); Routledge (1994); Columbia University Press (1994); University of California Press (1994); Harvard University Press (1994, 2002, 2002); Oxford University Press (1994); Duke University Press (1993, 2002); Law & Society Review (1993); Stanford University Press (2006); Westview Press (1991); University of Tennessee Press (1988).

Various tenure letters.   

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