Book Trouble I 2005-2006

Program on Law and Social Thought

Politically alert intellectual work engages us in relationships to books -- to other people's writing -- that are often as important as our relationships to mentors and opponents, professional roles, historical crises, social alliances and social movements, our own normative yearnings and commitments, and our own moments of career success and failure. Sometimes books make our work possible; sometimes they block and baffle us. Sometimes we read them in ways that revive their intellectual and political possibilities; sometimes we read to defeat them, to overcome them, even to avoid them. Sometimes we deploy favorite texts to trouble our world; other times the world that troubles us is somehow immanent in a particular book.

Book Trouble places really wonderful readers in a direct engagement with really important books, seeking to explore the trouble that books and their readers can produce.

All are welcome to the following Book Trouble 2005-2006 seminars. Join us -- we hope sparks will fly!

On this site please find a bibliography and suggestions in where to find texts.

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