Welfare Economics and Moral Philosophy Books
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The Theory of Taxation and Public Economics ( Princeton University Press, 2008) [Amazon (purchase)]

Fairness Versus Welfare. (with Steven Shavell) (Harvard University Press, 2002; Chinese translation, Law Press China, 2007). [Amazon (purchase)]

Journal Articles, Book Chapters, and Encyclopedia Entries

Who Will Vote Quadratically? Voter Turnout and Votes Cast under Quadratic Voting (with Scott Kominers), Public Choice (forthcoming 2017) [Olin Center WP]

Information and the Aim of Adjudication: Truth or Consequences?, Stanford Law Review, vol. 67, pp. 1303-1371 (2015). [Olin Center WP]

On the Choice of Welfare Standards in Competition Law, in Goals of Competition Law (Zimmer, ed., Edward Elgar, forthcoming 2012). [Olin Center WP]

Discount Rates, Social Judgments, Individuals' Risk Preferences, and Uncertainty (with David Weisbach), Journal of Risk and Uncertainty, vol. 42, 125-142 (2011).

Concavity of Utility, Concavity of Welfare, and Redistribution of Income, International Tax and Public Finance, vol. 17, 25-42 (2010). [NBER] [Olin Center WP]

The Social Evaluation of Intergenerational Policies and Its Application to Integrated Assessment Models of Climate Change (with Elisabeth Moyers & David Weisbach), B.E. Journal of Economics Analysis & Policy, vol. 10, issue 2, art. 7, 1-32 (2010); also in Distributional Aspects of Energy and Climate Change (Cohen, Fullerton & Topel, eds., Edward Elgar, 2013), pp. 41-74. [BE Press ]

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Any Non-Welfarist Method of Policy Assessment Violates the Pareto Principle, (with Steven Shavell), Journal of Political Economy, vol. 109, 281-86 (2001). [WWW] [NBER WP - Any Non-Individualistic Social Welfare Function Violates the Pareto Principle ] [Olin Center WP - Any Non-Individualistic Social Welfare Function Violates the Pareto Principle]

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