About the Office of Academic Affairs

The Office of Academic Affairs (OAA) serves the Harvard Law School faculty in a number of ways, including: providing administrative support for faculty appointments; coordinating the faculty Summer Research Program and the Faculty Colloquia and Workshops Series; assisting with the development of the School’s teaching program each year; and overseeing production of the online and print versions of the Faculty Directory. OAA also acts as the Law School’s liaison to the University for faculty data requests and various other matters and is often responsible for responding to external requests for data about the Law School’s faculty and academic programs.  OAA supports Law School students by administering and providing guidance on the School’s joint degree programs and in assisting with the implementation and management of curricular initiatives.  

Thomas J. Graca, Director of Academic Affairs
Lewis 208
496-3111 (fax)

Kristin Flower, Administrative Director, First-Year Problem Solving Workshop; Academic Affairs Specialist
Lewis 231
496-3111 (fax)

Miriam Leigh, Data Administrator
Lewis 211A
496-3111 (fax)

Aileen Slater, Academic Affairs Program Coordinator
Lewis 211B
496-3111 (fax)

Marketa Crandle, Academic Affairs Staff Assistant
Lewis 208
496-3111 (fax)

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