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Submitting a case study, role play, or problem set

We encourage HLS tenured faculty and their co-authors to offer their materials—whether they are case studies, role plays, problem sets, video projects, or other experiential classroom tools—for distribution on The Case Studies website. Below are frequently asked questions to help you navigate the process.

What types of work qualify for publication on The Case Studies website?

All types of participant-centered, experiential classroom materials are welcome on The Case Studies website. Typical submissions include Harvard Business School- and Kennedy School- style case studies, negotiation and mediation role plays, and problem sets used in the problem solving workshops. We will also accept background and technical notes and videos designed to supplement existing experiential classroom materials. Often, teaching notes and course notes accompany the materials upon submission. Teaching notes greatly facilitate the adoption of case studies by faculty in other educational institutions. 

The Case Studies website accepts materials created by or under the supervision of HLS tenured faculty and their affiliates. Outside authors who would like to submit materials to the website are encouraged to contact The Case Studies program office at (617) 495-8689 or Please note that The Case Studies website does not pay royalties to authors at this time.

Who can obtain my materials once they are on the site?

Any member of the public who registers on the site with a valid email address can purchase and download electronic copies of materials. Educators and members of non-profit and educational institutions may also download free “desk copies” of materials. These are watermarked copies for review only. We also take steps to ensure that only registered educators can access teaching notes or manuals.

What do you do about unauthorized copyright infringement?

We allow purchasers to download electronic copies without a “digital wrapper.” We feel that it is impossible to stop a person from making unauthorized copies if they are intent on doing so. However, purchasers must agree to our terms and conditions, which state that each download is for one use only. We state clearly on the site that multiple uses of materials require additional purchases. We offer faculty the option of making their materials available only in hard copy if they so desire.

My materials aren’t quite ready for publication. Do you offer help with editing and revising?

Yes. We can review, edit, revise, and format your materials as needed. Our staff has over 10 years of experience in case study development and editing.

Can I get an author page on the website?

If you plan to distribute at least one product on our site and if you are an HLS tenured faculty member, we will create an author page for you on the site, which will include a short bio, a photo, and links to your faculty page and any affiliated program pages. See an example of an author page here:

How do the materials get on the site?

The Case Studies program staff will upload your materials to the site. However, we need certain pieces of information to present materials consistently, such as an abstract, learning goals, geographic setting, etc. See a sample product page here: The Case Studies program office will help organize and capture this information for upload to the web. We also adhere to a specific format for materials offered for distribution on the site. The Case Studies program is happy to convert your materials to the Case Studies format.

Where will the money go from the sale of my materials?

The money from net sales (after credit card fees) generated by program materials can be returned to the program or can be designated as an offset to the Case Studies program expense.

I want to distribute my materials on The Case Studies website. How do I get started?

Contact Lisa Brem, the Case Studies program manager, at (617) 495-8689 or

Last modified: March 12, 2013

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