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The Law Reports of the Incorporated Council of Law Reporting for England and Wales

The quasi-official Law Reports series provide the most authoritative coverage of the general court decisions of the United Kingdom from 1865 to date. They can be found on Westlaw - LAW-RPTS - and are also available on LexisNexis - ENGGEN;ICLR. Harvard Law Library print copy locations of the Law Reports series are given in the table below. Name and content changes of the individual reporters included in the Law Reports reflect changes in the court structure of the United Kingdom between 1865 and 1972. These changes and reporter citation abbreviations are also represented in the table. The Cardiff Index to Legal Abbreviations is a comprehensive source of abbreviations for court names and also the numerous commercial and specialty case reporters that offer parallel or additional coverage of United Kingdom court decisions relative to that provided by the Law Reports.

Historical Table of Series Mergers and Continuations and Citation Abbreviation Changes, 1865 to Date
1891 to date
House of Lords, English and Irish Appeals, Vol. L.R. H.L., vols. 1-7  KD 275

House of Lords, Scotch and Divorce Appeals, Vol. L.R. H.L. Sc., vols. 1-2  KD 275.2  

Privy Council Appeals, Vol. L.R. P.C., vols. 1-6  KD 275.3
House of Lords and Judicial Committee of the Privy Council Appeal Cases, Vol. App. Cas., vols. 1-5  KD 275.4   House of Lords and Judicial Committee of the Privy Council Appeal Cases - also peerage cases - vols. 6-15 App. Cas.   KD 275.4House of Lords and Judicial Committee of the Privy Council Appeal Cases and peerage cases, Yr. A.C., 1891-1954, 1955 to date KD 275.4

Chancery Appeals, Vol. L.R. Ch. App., vols. 1-10   KD 276

Equity Cases, Vol. L.R. Eq., vols. 1-8, 9-20   KD 276.2

Chancery Division, Vol. Ch.D., vols. 1-17  KD 276.3Chancery Division, vols. 18-45 Ch.D.  KD 276.3Chancery Division, Yr. Ch.D., 1891-1954, 1955-76, 1977 to date, monthly updates  KD 276.3

Queen's Bench Cases, Vol. L.R. Q.B., vols. 1-10   KD 277

Crown Cases Reserved, Vol. L.R. C.C., vols. 1-2   KD 277.25

Queen's Bench Division, Vol. Q.B.D., vols. 1-5, 6  KD 277.2


Common Pleas Division, Vol. C.P.D., vols. 1-5  KD 277.4


Exchequer Division, Vol. Ex.D., vols. 1-5 KD 277.6


Queen's Bench Division, vols. 7-22 Q.B.D.  KD 277.2



Queen's or King's Bench Division, Yr. Q.B. or K.B., 1891-1900, 1901-08, 1908-49, 1950-52, 1952-55, 1955-66, 1967-76, 1977 to date KD 277.7



Common Pleas Cases, Vol. L.R.C.P., vols. 1-10 KD 277.3


Exchequer Cases, Vol. L.R. Ex., vols. 1-10  KD 277.5


Probate & Divorce Cases, Vol. L.R.P.& D., vols. 1-3  KD 279

Admiralty & Ecclesiastical Cases, Vol. L.R. A.&E., vols. 1-4   KD 279.2

Probate Division, vols. 1-15 P.D.  KD 279.3

Probate Division, Yr. P., 1891-1941, 1942-54, 1955-71  KD 279.3
Continued by Family Division, Yr. Fam., 1972 to date  KD 279.4; monthly updates  KD 276.3

Medium Neutral Citation Formats

Since 2001/2002 a system of medium neutral citation has been in effect for all judgments of the Court of Appeal and the High Court in London, including any not covered by the Law Reports. It has also been adopted by the United Kingdom House of Lords and Privy Council. The system entails the assignment by the Court of (1) within-case sequential paragraph numbers rather than reporter page numbers and (2) a year-based consecutive numbering scheme for the cases of each division of the High Court. The neutral citation to a decision is its official designation and must always be given at least once by any subsequent judgment that cites it. Once reported, it should be given first, before any citation to the Law Reports or other, unofficial reporter.

Decisions of the Court of Appeal and Divisions of the High Court for England and Wales and for Judgments of the United Kingdom House of Lords and Privy Council*
Court of Appeal
Court of Appeal (Civil Division)
[year] EWCA Civ number at [paragraph]
Court of Appeal (Criminal Division)
[year] EWCA Crim number at [paragraph]
High Court
Chancery Division
[year] EWHC number (Ch) at [paragraph]
Patents Court
[year] EWHC number (Pat) at [paragraph]
Queen's Bench Division
[year] EWHC number (QB) at [paragraph]
Administrative Court
[year] EWHC number (Admin) at [paragraph]
Commercial Court
[year] EWHC number (Comm) at [paragraph]
Admiralty Court
[year] EWHC number (Admlty) at [paragraph]
Technology and Construction Court
[year] EWHC number (TCC) at [paragraph]
Family Division
[year] EWHC number (Fam) at [paragraph]
United Kingdom House of Lords[year] UKHL number at [paragraph]
United Kingdom Privy Council[year] UKPC number at [paragraph]

* For more detailed case citation instructions, see Bluebook, 18th ed., Table 2, pp.318-320, 324-326.

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