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Summer 2011 Cover
Summer 2011
  • A Dose of Optimism
    The new CEO of pharmaceutical giant Merck, Kenneth Frazier ’78 is driven by high hopes for the company and what it can do.
  • Law on the Home Front
    The Harvard Legal Aid Bureau and two HLS clinics help staunch the foreclosure crisis in Massachusetts.
  • Able Lawyering
    A Harvard Law School program with 675 million clients
  • New Dawn on the Lost Horizon
    Lobsang Sangay LL.M. ’96 S.J.D. ’04 wins the confidence of his people as the political successor to the Dalai Lama.
  • The Lawyerpreneurs
    From social ventures to new-energy startups, HLS is helping students get their ideas off the ground.

Winter 2011 Cover
Winter 2011
  • On the Court
    The ‘10th justice’ becomes the 9th
  • Bandwidth
    Regulating digital communications is like trying to control an explosion. FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski ’91 brings a full spectrum of skills to the job.
  • Stories from the West Wing
    Three faculty who served in the Obama administration talk about gridlock, being part of history, living life at warp speed and the day the Easter Bunny blacked out the White House.
  • The Shape of the World to Come
    Thirty years ago, Laurent Cohen-Tanugi left France to attend HLS. Today, he is an international lawyer, public intellectual and architect of a European strategy for globalization.

Summer 2010 Cover
Summer 2010
  • Remixing Langdell
    A new library for the 21st century
  • Hard Hats Required
    The risky business of repairing the U.S. financial system
  • A Prescription for Change
    Rebecca Onie ’03 created a program that takes a holistic approach to treating low-income patients; one “genius grant” later, she’s determined to change the health care system.
  • A Most Disarming Warrior
    A U.N. advocate is fighting to protect children from armed conflict.

Winter 2010 Cover
Winter 2010
  • Points of Inflection
    Five months into her new job, Dean Martha Minow shares some insights—and even a little advice.
  • A View from the Brink
    When the financial system is melting down, who are you going to call? H. Rodgin Cohen ’68.
  • A Question of Interrogation
    Philip Heymann ’60 proposes a new model for intelligence gathering in the fight against terrorism.
  • The Laws of Unintended Consequences
    To prevent domestic violence, are we now overregulating the home?
  • Striving Always to Get It Right
    Reflections on David Souter ’66

Summer 2009 Cover
Summer 2009
Stories of Accountability
  • Top Cop
    If leaders had listened to Elizabeth Warren years ago, she wouldn’t have the job she has now.
  • Not on His Watch
    In the global financial crisis, will Robert Zoellick ’81 hold rich nations accountable to the developing world? Bank on it.
  • Executive Counsel
    Meet the president’s new lawyers—and their new lawyers.

Fall 2008 Cover
Fall 2008
  • A Commander in Chief
    In law school, Barack Obama ’91 already looked—and led—like a future president.
  • Rescuing the Internet
    Professors Jonathan Zittrain ’95 and John Palfrey ’01 survey the digital future.
Defining the Future—A Celebration
  • “Here, Have a Seat”
    Often, there’s a bond between the donor of a new chair and the scholar who occupies it.
  • World-class Support
    HLS continues to expand its international focus—and its graduates are taking notice.
  • A Growing Treasury of Public Servants
    The law school’s investment in public service is paying dividends.
  • Northwest Passage
    A great building begins as a gleam in the eye of an architect. Getting it built may require the vision of a lawyer.
  • Pay It Forward
    Financial aid is helping those who will help others.
  • Infotopia!
    With a cluster of research programs, HLS is a collection of think tanks rolled into one.
  • A Fundamental Advantage
    From new alumni to retirees, broad-based giving is the lifeblood of HLS.

Summer 2008 Cover
Summer 2008
Environmental Law
  • Startup for an Ailing Planet
    A new program aims to change the way we think about environmental law.
  • Jacobs’ Ladder
    A new clinic lets students step up to environmental challenges—and onto the first rungs of their careers.
  • Visionary of the Visayan Sea
    For the sake of the planet, a lawyer wins the right to sue on behalf of future generations.
  • Mercury Rising
    To save a culture of cold, lawyers turn up the heat.
  • What Will It Take?
    The Bulletin asks leaders in environmental law and policy what it will take to slow global warming.

Winter 2008 Cover
Winter 2008
Curriculum Version 2.0
  • A Curriculum of New Realities
    At Harvard Law School, some new answers to the question, What do future lawyers need to know?
  • Hands On
    The curriculum includes more clinical opportunities than HLS has ever offered
  • At Home in the World
    The new curriculum embraces law’s increasingly transnational nature
  • The Ultimate Cafeteria
    It’s getting easier for law students to take part in Harvard University’s intellectual feast

Summer 2007 Cover
Summer 2007
New Dynamics in Constitutional Law
  • Battlegrounds
    In wartime, the expertise of constitutional scholars is more important than ever.
  • The Constitution’s Ombudsman
    Justice Department employees are sworn to uphold the Constitution. But it’s one man’s job to hold them accountable.
  • Lawyers, Guns and Money
    The D.C. Circuit says the Second Amendment guarantees an individual’s right to bear arms. Activists are taking aim, and the Supreme Court may finally be within range.
  • Elevation
    In the high-altitude Kingdom of Bhutan, the people’s first constitution will protect their rights. It will also give them duties.
  • Vox Populi
    How far can the government go when it tries to take private property without paying just compensation? An HLS professor brings the question before the Supreme Court.

Spring 2007 Cover
Spring 2007
Corporate Governance in a Global Economy
  • The Shareholders’ Champion
    Lucian Bebchuk is trying to change the way corporations are governed
  • Endgame?
    U.S. capital markets are being dragged down by foreign competition. But we aren’t playing by the same rules.
  • Diversified Portfolio
    As globalization transforms business, some corporate law experts are engaging a world of issues.

Fall 2006 Cover
Fall 2006
Connecting to the Profession
  • Bridging the Gap
    Law schools and practitioners have much to teach each other.
  • Passages to India
    Legal work, too, is moving offshore.
  • Traffic on the off-ramp
    Women are still second-class citizens in the legal profession. What can be done about it?
  • The Next Wave
    Expanding opportunities for public interest law

Summer 2006 Cover
Summer 2006
Asian Legal Journeys
  • Why Chinese Law?
    A noted scholar offers a perspective on China's great leap toward a future with more laws—and lawyers—than ever before.
  • Bridging Digital Divides in Asia
    Can law keep up with challenges like Internet filtering and software piracy? HLS's Berkman Center is finding out.
  • Face-off
    Annette Lu LL.M. '78 and Ma Ying-jeou S.J.D. '81 share a history. But they offer different futures for Taiwan.
  • Japan Lawyers Up
    Once known for producing more engineers than lawyers, Japan is embarking on a journey of legal expansion.
  • A Bloody April
    In Nepal, lawyers helped restore the rule of law. But not without paying a price.
  • An East Asian Itinerary
    An HLS delegation barnstorms through the region.

Spring 2006 Cover
Spring 2006
Harvard Takes the Bench
  • A View from the Top
    Stephen Breyer '64 talks to the Bulletin about his job, leading a balanced life and the need for "active liberty."
  • The Working Lives of Judges
    So, what, exactly, is an "activist judge"?
  • Judging for the Human Race
    When Navi Pillay LL.M. '82 S.J.D. '88 was growing up in South Africa, there was no international court in which apartheid could be prosecuted as a crime against humanity. Now there is--and she's on it.
  • Showtime
    A day-by-day account of the run-up to the Ames Moot Court Finals--and some thoughts afterward from the chief justice of the state of Ames (aka David Souter '66)

Fall 2005 Cover
Fall 2005
Negotiation Becomes a High-Resolution Art
  • Beyond 'Yes'
    Harvard's Program on Negotiation is refining the art and sharing it with the world.
  • Road Maps and Roadblocks
    Harvard-trained negotiators are working hard on both sides of the Israeli-Palestinian dispute.
  • Leverage
    Some of the biggest deal makers put the world on hold while they teach in a class led by Professor Guhan Subramanian '98.
  • Show Me the Money!
    Peter Carfagna '79 has negotiated for Tiger Woods and other marquee athletes. As sports law has become increasingly diversified, so has he.

Summer 2005 Cover
Summer 2005
New Thinking About Crime and Punishment
  • Meet the New Boss:
    The U.S. Supreme Court said the federal sentencing guidelines were unconstitutional and then told judges they must still consult them.
  • Justice Delayed:
    Harvard law students are working to free the wrongly convicted.
  • 'They Were Not Strangers':
    Geraldine Umugwaneza LL.M. '05 is determined to help Rwanda move forward.
  • All Along the Watchtower:
    Michael Chertoff '78 leads the Department of Homeland Security.
  • Time for a Fix?:
    How should we measure success in the war on drugs?

Spring 2005 Cover
Spring 2005
HLS and Public Service
  • The '100 Percent' Goal:
    Dean Elena Kagan '86 believes public service should be part of every lawyer's life. At Harvard Law School, there are now more opportunities than ever to get involved.
  • It's Mandatory:
    Starting with the Class of '05, 40 hours of pro bono is a requirement. It's all (for the) good, students say.
  • Gateway to a Better World:
    Twenty years old, the Human Rights Program is finding new ways to send more advocates around the globe.
  • From 'Library Guy' to Governor?
    Some remember Eliot Spitzer '84 as a quiet denizen of Langdell. Now, as attorney general of New York and a crusader against corporate greed, he says he's ready to be governor.
  • Letters from Baghdad:
    Nick Brown '02 gained fame as a contestant on the reality show "Survivor." Today his reality is the Green Zone in Baghdad, where he carries a laptop and a rifle as a U.S. Army JAG officer.

Fall 2004 Cover
Fall 2004
Law and Terrorism
  • An Unconventional War:
    Do the old rules apply when the combatants don't wear uniforms and are willing to die with their victims?
  • The Costs of Going It Alone:
    Professor Philip Heymann '60 says a unilateral "war on terror" is counterproductive; congressional action is needed.
  • House Call:
    U.S. Reps. Jane Harman '69 and Christopher Cox '76 ('77) work to improve the health of homeland security and intelligence gathering.
  • Looking Backward in Order to Look Forward:
    9/11 Commissioner Jamie Gorelick '75 was determined to find the facts and get them out; some involved the government departments she'd helped run.

Summer 2004
Spotlight on Intellectual Property
  • Musical Choices:
    HLS professors propose different ways to address the proliferation of music downloading.
  • Copyright, Patent, Trademark--Apart and Together:
    Professor William Fisher III '82 examines the history--and the future--of intellectual property law.
  • Teaching IP:
    HLS faculty and students keep pace with the ever-changing world of intellectual property issues.
  • That's a RAP:
    Musicians learn about the law and students learn about music in an HLS clinical project.

Spring 2004
  • Answer Woman:
    Dean Elena Kagan '86 begins her tenure.
  • Two Paychecks, One Problem:
    Many families that rely on two incomes are closer to financial catastrophe than they think, says Professor Elizabeth Warren.
  • Cash Flow:
    HLS launches a $400 million fund-raising campaign.
  • A Time for Pride:
    Participants in the school's first GLBT reunion recount the changes in their lives and on campus.

Summer 2003
  • The End of an Era:
    After 14 years, Robert C. Clark ' 72 will soon leave the dean's office.
  • Gold Rush:
    Alumnae look at the world of law and the world of HLS as the school celebrates 50 years of women graduates.
  • Women's Education:
    Women faculty members talk about what their presence has meant for the school and for themselves.
  • Pearls of Wisdom:
    In a new book, Judith Richards Hope '64 details the travails and triumphs of her female classmates.
  • Nifty 50:
    After 50 years of graduating women, the school has produced prominent alumnae in law, business, academia and elsewhere. We highlight 50 of the many who have made a name for themselves and often have made history.

Spring 2003
  • Political Diversity:
    On the traditionally liberal HLS campus, conservative students find a home and a voice.
  • Where Everybody Knows Your Name:
    Their companies make products that are part of the everyday lives of people throughout the world.
  • International Intrigued:
    Faculty members are increasingly devoting their projects and passions to legal issues that reach beyond U.S. borders.
  • At the Top in the Valley:
    Alexander Cushing '39 left the legal profession to pursue a dream at a fledgling ski resort in California.

Fall 2002
  • What They've Learned in Politics:
    John Anderson LL.M. '49, Michael Dukakis '60, Patricia Schroeder '64, and Caspar Weinberger '41 recall the rewards and challenges of their long public service careers
  • What She Yearns for in Politics:
    Inside the campaign of Michigan Attorney General Jennifer Granholm '87
  • What They're Learning in Politics:
    Recent graduates and a current student run for office

Summer 2002
  • Campus Sites:
    The pros and cons of whether to move the law school to Allston
  • Rigorous and Vigorous:
    This year, 1Ls enjoyed smaller sections and more faculty interaction
  • A Measure of Justice:
    Eli Rosenbaum '80 is racing against time to find perpetrators of Nazi atrocities
  • The Student Is the Teacher:
    Students learn the skills needed to thrive in the academy

Spring 2002
  • Games Plan:
    Mitt Romney '75 gets Salt Lake City ready for the Winter Olympics
  • Helping Hands:
    Alumni make the world a better place
  • Behind the Walls:
    An HLS student-practice organization is the last line of defense for prison inmates
  • Wild Life:
    The photography of Bobby Haas '72
  • Western Lit:
    One hundred years ago, Owen Wister LL.B. 1888 published the definitive Western novel

Fall 2001
  • Capital Steps:
    Washington, D.C. Mayor Anthony Williams '87
  • Call to Arms:
    WWII soldiers who returned to HLS and to a new world
  • Out to the Ball Game:
    Sandy Alderson '76 talks balls and strikes
  • A Paris Match:
    HLS Worldwide Alumni Congress

Summer 2001
  • High Finance
  • Stain of History
  • Cause of Action
  • My Generation
  • Free Expression

Spring 2001
  • Justice the Reno Way
  • A Net Gain
  • Clive Davis '56 on the Record
  • A Student Vanishes

Fall 2000
  • A Legacy of Diversity
  • Not Just the Microsoft Judge
  • In a Father's Footsteps
  • Winning Isn't Everything
  • Class Notes Profiles

Summer 2000
  • HLS in Mourning
  • Declaration of Independence
  • Brennemans on the Bench
  • Project on Justice in Times of Transition
  • A Novel Idea

Spring 2000
  • The Soldier's Secretary
  • Taipei's High-Profile Mayor
  • The Double Life of George Abrams '57
  • The Continuing Story of Human Rights
  • Assessing the Universal Declaration of Human Rights
  • Death in Texas

Fall 1999 Cover
Fall 1999
  • An Afternoon in DC
  • At Large in LA
  • Day and Night in NYC
  • Touring Charleston, Mass
  • Class Notes Profiles

Summer 1999
  • Building in Cyberspace
  • Walk on the Wired Side
  • Congratulations, Dean Sullivan
  • Stuart Eizenstat
  • Navajo Nation Visits HLS

Spring 1999
  • Celebration 45: The Alumnae of Harvard Law Return to Cambridge
  • Celebration 45: Waiting for the HLS Door to Open
  • Lani Guinier: Present and Visible
  • Bok and Bowen: Affirming Affirmative Action
  • The Good Black: How Two HLS Roomates Became Author and Subject
  • Faculty Remembered: Elisabeth Owens and Judge A. Leon Higginbotham

Fall 1998 Cover
Fall 1998
  • All Roads Lead to Rome
  • Jacques Sales
  • Three Delegates to Rome
  • Remembering Justice Powell
  • Class Notes Profiles

Summer 1998 Cover
Summer 1998
  • Adventures of a Biographer
  • Parker's LEC Agenda
  • Warren on Business Bankruptcy
  • The Nobler Tradition of the Harvard Law Review
  • Steiker on Capital Punishment
  • The True Costs of Smoking
  • Ogletree in Court
  • Olin Gift Funds Law and Economics

Spring 1998 Cover
Spring 1998
  • Paul Weiler on Sports, Entertainment, and Media Law
  • HLS Names in Lights
  • Cinema Veritas: HLS in Hollywood
  • A Tribute to Professor Louis Loss

Fall 1997 Cover
Fall 1997
  • A Tribute to William J. Brennan, Jr. '31
  • Faculty Appointments
  • Class Notes Profiles