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News and Views from the HLS Community

Glendon on Roosevelt and Rights
Professor Mary Ann Glendon set out to write a straightforward history of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

Choice Law Schools
For many 1Ls starting this year, HLS was their first choice. But some found it harder to decide.

The Mumia Chronicles
Sometimes it seems that Daniel Williams '86 is still on the case.

The Gift Is Right
HLS has received bigger contributions but not from anyone more recognized around the world.

Class Distinction
When some of Alan Stone's colleagues learn that he is teaching a seminar on film at HLS, they wonder, frankly, what the heck he is doing.

Political Views
Regardless of how people feel about the outcome of the presidential election controversy, most would agree that the openness of the proceedings helped ensure greater legitimacy.

Endurance Test
Jamie Metzl '97 took the inspiration where he could find it.

Academic Honors
While no HLS grad made it to the finals of the recent Harvard University presidential search, three alumni have attained the top title at other universities.

Bachelor's Decree
Move over, Nick Brown.

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