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The French Connection, continued

City of Light

On the second day of the Congress, Pierre Lellouche LL.M. '74 S.J.D. '80, a member of the French National Assembly (the lower house of Parliament), hosted his fellow alumni for a brief insider's tour of the National Assembly buildings and grounds.

"As an institution committed to the rule of law in the world, we feel a certain kinship with lawmaking bodies like the National Assembly," said Dean Clark with Lellouche at his side.

That evening delegates enjoyed a sunset cruise on the river Seine that featured cuisine from the different regions of France. At precisely 10 p.m., the boat passed by the Eiffel Tower, which--seemingly on cue--shone in a display of flickering lights. "Was that just for us?" a few of the delegates wondered aloud.

The next two days were packed with panel discussions on issues ranging from cyberlaw to Islamic legal studies, as well as more opportunities to venture out into the city. Day three included a private tour of the Louvre followed by a black-tie dinner at the Conciergerie, the celebrated prison where Marie Antoinette was held captive during the French Revolution.

On June 27, after a series of professionally guided walking tours through Parisian neighborhoods, the second HLS Worldwide Alumni Congress officially concluded, appropriately, at the Eiffel Tower. Hundreds of feet above the city, in a panoramic observation room, more than 300 of the HLS delegates convened for a farewell reception of champagne and sweets.

While many reflected on the event, there was considerable talk of the next Worldwide Alumni Congress. "Where will it be?" asked Dean Clark. "London? Tokyo? Maybe Rio?"

Each venue received applause, but as Clark pointed out on the first day of the Congress, no matter where HLS alumni meet, "You never really leave Harvard Law School."

Anne-Marie Slaughter '85 with Fred Fishman '48Professors Andrew Kaufman '54, Todd Rakoff '75, and Daniel Meltzer '75Dean Robert Clark '72 with Pierre Lellouche LL.M. '74 S.J.D. '80

Left to right: Professor Anne-Marie Slaughter '85 enjoys a moment between events with Fred Fishman '48; Professors Andrew Kaufman '54, Todd Rakoff '75, and Daniel Meltzer '75 lead a panel discussion onthe HLS Strategic Plan; Dean Robert Clark '72 at the French National Assembly with Pierre Lellouche LL.M. '74 S.J.D. '80. Photos by Gérard Uféras.

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