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Fall 2002 cover Features

What They've Learned in Politics
John Anderson LL.M. '49, Michael Dukakis '60, Patricia Schroeder '64, and Caspar Weinberger '41 recall the rewards and challenges of their long public service careers.

What She Yearns for in Politics
Inside the campaign of Michigan Attorney General Jennifer Granholm '87, vying for the governor's job against stalwarts of the state political scene.

What They're Learning in Politics
Recent graduates and a current student return to their home communities to run for office and make a difference.


Briefs: Smoke screen; a big chill . . .
Testimony: Essay by Yvonne M. Anderson '96 ('02)
In Memoriam
Gallery: Election
Closing: Domenico De Sole LL.M. '72

Class Notes: Our extended Class Notes issue features profiles of alumni from the '30s to the '00s in myriad pursuits, from show business, the steel business, and the business of education, to land law, drug law, and government law.

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