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Keep on Truckin'

With an office overlooking the San Francisco Bay and the Golden Gate Bridge, Wesley Fastiff '59 has one of the country's most spectacular views. Wesley FastiffBut when most people first walk in, they hardly notice the scenery. Instead they turn to the collection of more than 400 model trucks and airplanes that surrounds his desk.

Fastiff's first truck rolled in in 1964, not long after he had started at Littler Mendelson in San Francisco. About a week after joining the firm, he met with a new client who had a problem with a Teamsters union contract. He soon was representing about 150 trucking companies and the California Trucking Association. After winning the labor law case, Fastiff represented the trucking industry in renegotiating its national contract--his first labor contract negotiation. Across the table was Jimmy Hoffa.

"I told him what we wanted and essentially what our position was," said Fastiff. "Mr. Hoffa became very angry and difficult." Soon afterward, however, Hoffa spoke to Fastiff privately and agreed to the terms he had proposed. "I became a big hero of the trucking industry," he said.

Just after the negotiation, Fastiff received his first truck from an owner of one of the trucking companies he represented. His clients, including some airlines, continue to give their company model to their attorney.

--Linda Grant

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