Fall 2004

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Special Section:
Law and Terrorism

An Unconventional War
Do the old rules apply when the combatants don't wear uniforms and are willing to die with their victims?

The Costs of Going It Alone
Professor Philip Heymann '60 says a unilateral "war on terror" is counterproductive; congressional action is needed.

House Call
U.S. Reps. Jane Harman '69 and Christopher Cox '76 ('77) work to improve the health of homeland security and intelligence gathering.

Looking Backward in Order to Look Forward
9/11 Commissioner Jamie Gorelick '75 was determined to find the facts and get them out; some involved the government departments she'd helped run.


From the Dean
Ask the Professor: Smoke signals
In the Classroom: When words collide
On the Bookshelves: Con law clarified
Student Snapshot: Outreach to go
Class Notes
In Memoriam: Remembering Archibald Cox '37
Gallery: Harkening back
Closing: Charles Hieken '57