News and Views from the HLS Community

In Debate, Professors Offer Support, Caution on Affirmative Action
Affirmative action remains contested terrain even among its proponents, as was evident in a debate between two Harvard Law School faculty members in the fall.

Getting to Wisdom
You won't find Harvard Law School negotiation best sellers "Getting to Yes" or "Difficult Conversations" in the spirituality, poetry or philosophy sections of your local bookstore. But according to Erica Fox '95, that's where we might look for additional insight on solving conflict.

Spreading the Words
Thanks to Josh Gottheimer '04, the greatest American civil rights speeches are together for the first time, demonstrating the injustices and progress of a growing nation and ultimately, he says, hope for its future.

Faculty Examine Supreme Court
Three days after the U.S. Supreme Court kicked off its 2003-2004 term, HLS faculty members evaluated the Court's recent decisions and forecast its upcoming cases.

When Sharing Is a Crime
A Berkman conference explores the impact of new technologies on the music industry.

Faculty News
Professor Mary Ann Glendon wins the inaugural Bradley Prize, Professor William Fisher III '82 is named the Hale and Dorr Professor of Intellectual Property Law, and more.

Stand for the Flag
Because of two 5-4 Supreme Court decisions, physical desecration of the American flag is legal. Professor Richard Parker ' 70 supports a constitutional amendment that would change that.

Author of 'One L' Speaks on Death Penalty
Best known for his mystery novels and a memoir about his first year at HLS, author Scott Turow ' 78 spoke on campus in mid-October about a weightier issue: the death penalty.

A Paperless Society
Unbound, HLS's first online journal, opened up shop in cyberspace in the fall and plans to take advantage of what the neighborhood has to offer.

On the Bookshelves
Books by HLS faculty.