Summer 2004

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Special Section:
Spotlight on Intellectual Property

Musical Choices
HLS professors propose different ways to address the proliferation of music downloading.

Copyright, Patent, Trademark--Apart and Together
Professor William Fisher III '82 examines the history --and the future--of intellectual property law.

Teaching IP
With conferences, research and ideas, HLS faculty and students keep pace with the ever-changing world of intellectual property issues.

That's a RAP
Musicians learn about the law and students learn about music in an HLS clinical project.

A Textbook Project
Focusing on copyright issues, Professor Martha Minow works to make schoolbooks accessible to disabled students.


Student Snapshot: At the grass roots
Ask the Professor: Recusal decision
On the Bookshelves: The problem with humanitarianism
Faculty Viewpoints: Same-sex marriage
In the Classroom: Use of force
Class Notes
In Memoriam
Gallery: Archibald Cox, 1912-2004
Closing: M. Bernard Aidinoff '53