Summer 2005

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Special Section:
New Thinking About Crime and Punishment

Meet the New Boss
The U.S. Supreme Court said the federal sentencing guidelines were unconstitutional and then told judges they must still consult them. We can explain.

Justice Delayed ...
... may be justice denied, but it's better late than never. Harvard law students are working to free the wrongly convicted.

'They Were Not Strangers'
After her people were slaughtered by neighbors, Geraldine Umugwaneza LL.M. '05 knows that forgiveness is elusive. But she is determined to help Rwanda move forward.

All Along the Watchtower
The Department of Homeland Security includes 22 federal law enforcement agencies that haven't always worked well together. Its new leader, Michael Chertoff '78, knows how to make the right hand talk to the left hand.

Time for a Fix?
With a half million Americans incarcerated for drug-related crimes, how should we measure success in the war on drugs?


From the Dean
Letters: On military service, public service and more
Ask the Professor: When is official action really dissent?
On Topic: Some of this year's third-year papers
On the Bookshelves: Alan Dershowitz follows his own advice
Class Notes
In Memoriam
Gallery: Crime and punishment illustrated
Closing: Donald Alexander '48