Fall 2006

In this Issue

Special Section:
Connecting to the Profession

Bridging the Gap
Law schools and practitioners have much to teach each other.

Passages to India
Legal work, too, is moving offshore.

Traffic on the off-ramp
Women are still second-class citizens in the legal profession. What can be done about it?

The Next Wave
Expanding opportunities for public interest law


From the Dean
Student Snapshot: Among the refugees in Kakuma
Ask the Professor: Why is an immigration bill so hard to pass?
On the Bookshelves: Janet Halley on law in the culture wars;
David Kennedy ’80 on law in the other wars

Class Notes: Letter from Baghdad, on the campaign trail,
global trade watch and more

In Memoriam: Louis B. Sohn LL.M. ’40 S.J.D. ’58
Gallery: Challenged by Daumier
Closing: Jay Hebert ’86