Special Section:
Corporate Governance in a Global Economy

Are U.S. corporations regulated too much? Are they not regulated enough?
What’s so lucky about “lucky grants”? And who ARE “Lucky CEOs”?
What’s a Bebchuk Bylaw? Who IS Bebchuk, anyway?
Should executive pay depend on performance?
Does corporate accountability hurt the bottom line? Should shareholders have more power?
Who is harmed when U.S. capital markets lose ground to foreign markets?

These and other questions are taken up in the pages that follow, with a liberal dose of acronyms, such as GG, SOX, LBO, M&A, NASDAQ, TSE, LLC, CFO, and, HLS/PC

The Shareholders’ Champion
Lucian Bebchuk is trying to change the way corporations are governed

U.S. capital markets are being dragged down by foreign competition. But we aren’t playing by the same rules.

Diversified Portfolio
As globalization transforms business, some corporate law experts are engaging a world of issues.

Harvard Law School’s Program on Corporate Governance