Spring 2007

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Special Section:
Corporate Governance in a Global Economy

Rocking the Boardroom
An HLS professor is “the Elvis Presley of shareholder activism.” And one of his fans is a key player in China.

Stopping the Exodus
U.S. capital markets are losing ground to foreign competitors. A Harvard-led team wants to get it back, and some powerful people are paying attention.

Limitless Partnerships
Harvard Law School’s corporate law scholars like to collaborate—across a global array of subjects.


From the Dean
Student Snapshot: Threatened by one of Brazil’s most brazen crime lords, she refused to be intimidated.
Ask the Professor: Prosecutors use restraining orders to prevent domestic violence. But at what price?
In the Classroom: A bitmap for a journey through cyberlaw
On the Bookshelves: Canon fodder: a new anthology of the 20 greatest articles in American jurisprudence
Recent Faculty Books
Class Notes: Enshrining rights in Kenya and Kampuchea; banking on the poor in the Philippines; laboring for labor; taking care of Mount Auburn’s unusual summit—and other endeavors
In Memoriam: The father of modern public finance
Gallery: The path of the law—Freund-style
Closing: A son of South Africa—before, during and after apartheid