Summer 2007

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Special Section:
New Dynamics in Constitutional Law

On executive power, war and anti-terrorism, scholars have a lot to say—and lawmakers are listening.

The Constitution’s Ombudsman
At the Department of Justice, being the inspector general can be a very lonely job.

Lawyers, Guns, and Money
Finally, the Supreme Court may have to decide what the Second Amendment means. But how much will really change?

The Kingdom of Bhutan is adopting its first constitution. Will it raise the GNH (gross national happiness)?

Vox Populi
For students in Harvard Law School’s Supreme Court litigation clinic, helping Laurence Tribe get ready for a constitutional argument is like being in the eye of a storm.


From the Dean
Ask the Professor: Not black like me
Student Snapshots: Axis of Evil? An Iranian perspective; war crimes seen through different lenses
In the Classroom: The First Amendment, with some help from Locke, Rousseau and Rawls
On the Bookshelves: Trust-busting goes global.
Recent Faculty Books
Tribute : Two deductions, both of them large
Hearsay: Short takes from faculty op-eds
Class Notes: A California river’s revival; Bartlett’s competition; a consuming passion for consumer rights; protecting liberty in an age of terror; practicing the laws of fashion; spring reunions
In Memoriam
Commitment: Peter C. Krause ’74
Gallery: Our house, in the middle of our street