Special Section: Defining the Future—
A look at what HLS’s “Setting the Standard” campaign is making possible

Photo of architectural drawing.

The Northwest Corner project, now under construction, will transform the student experience at HLS.

“Here, Have a Seat”
Often, there’s a bond between the donor of a new chair and the scholar who occupies it.

World-class Support
HLS continues to expand its international focus—and its graduates are taking notice.

A Growing Treasury of Public Servants
The law school’s investment in public service is paying dividends.

Northwest Passage
A great building begins as a gleam in the eye of an architect. Getting it built may require the vision of a lawyer.

Pay It Forward
Financial aid is helping those who will help others.

With a cluster of research programs, HLS is a collection of think tanks rolled into one.

A Fundamental Advantage
From new alumni to retirees, broad-based giving is the lifeblood of HLS.

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