Fall 2008

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A Commander in Chief
In law school, Barack Obama ’91 already looked—and led—like a future president.

Rescuing the Internet
Professors Jonathan Zittrain ’95 and John Palfrey ’01 survey the digital future.

Special Section:
Defining the Future—A Celebration

“Here, Have a Seat”
Often, there’s a bond between the donor of a new chair and the scholar who occupies it.

World-class Support
HLS continues to expand its international focus—and its graduates are taking notice.

A Growing Treasury of Public Servants
The law school’s investment in public service is paying dividends.

Northwest Passage
A great building begins as a gleam in the eye of an architect. Getting it built may require the vision of a lawyer.

Pay It Forward
Financial aid is helping those who will help others.

With a cluster of research programs, HLS is a collection of think tanks rolled into one.

A Fundamental Advantage
From new alumni to retirees, broad-based giving is the lifeblood of HLS.


From the Dean
In the Classroom: Lessons from a court in which almost every case is a “first”
Tribute: Memorable mentors: Mansfield and Martin
Hearsay: Short takes on the financial crisis
Student Snapshot: Offering comfort and counsel to prisoners with nowhere else to turn
Ask the Professor: Rethinking the Israeli-Palestinian conflict
On the Bookshelves: Cass Sunstein ’78 on helping people make better decisions; Laurence Tribe ’66 on the Constitution we can’t see; David Barron ’94 and Gerald Frug ’63 on the ways state laws shackle cities; Louis Kaplow ’81 on the need for more comprehensive tax analysis
Class Notes: On and off the ice; a dreamer and his daughter; looking back on blackjack; hope, vision and the Court
In Memoriam
Closing Finn Caspersen ’66
Gallery: A valentine in autumn