The Office

Photograph of an office
Photographs by Bob O’Connor, Christopher Harting

The offices of HLS professors vary widely. Some are sanctuaries while others are hives of hubbub. Styles range from cluttered to clean-lined—from Bauhaus minimalism to Holmesian homes-away-from-home. The Bulletin visited one dweller of Hauser Hall recently. Even when he isn’t in, he’s there. The room tells a story of a long, distinguished career, world travels and love of family. Whose office is it? A hint: He hasn’t been attorney general, but he’s an attorney and a generalist who has worked closely with several AGs, from Robert Kennedy to Janet Reno ’63. If you’re in his neighborhood, stop by and say, “Hey … ”

Iguana Desk clock Mousepad Bow tie
Model Police cruiser DEA award Momento from Mexico Flag
Framed photo Late-20th-century objet d’art Japanese artifact Reproduction of a work by Raphael
  1. From a trip to Mexico, an iguana that keeps its tail.
  2. A commemorative desk clock given with “esteem and respect” by colleagues in the FBI.
  3. A mousepad with the insignia of the CIA.
  4. A trademark bow tie of “much-admired” Professor and Dean Albert Sacks ’48, given by Del Sacks after her husband’s death.
  5. Model police cruiser, a gift from students.
  6. Award from the Drug Enforcement Agency to a departing deputy attorney general.
  7. Another memento of a trip to Mexico.
  8. The official flag of the assistant attorney general in charge of the criminal division of the U.S. Department of Justice.
  9. Framed portrait of Archibald Cox ’37; also on the wall: a photo of U.S. Supreme Court Justice John Harlan, inscribed to his former law clerk.
  10. Late-20th-century objet d’art, tossed back and forth while tossing around ideas with students.
  11. A trip to Japan led him to this artifact, several hundred years old.
  12. A reproduction of a work by Raphael, purchased at the Louvre on a trip to Paris.