Summer 2009

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Special Section:
Stories of Accountability

Top Cop
If leaders had listened to Elizabeth Warren years ago, she wouldn’t have the job she has now.

Not on His Watch
In the global financial crisis, will Robert Zoellick ’81 hold rich nations accountable to the developing world? Bank on it.

Executive Counsel
Meet the president’s new lawyers—and their new lawyers.


From the Dean
In the Classroom: Students explore how law can keep up with biomedical advances.
Outside the Classroom: In a death penalty clinic, taking one step forward felt like two steps back.
Ask the Professor: A civil rights expert on fighting for marriage equality
Now Online: A participatory tool for tracking Internet censorship; a peer-reviewed legal journal
Hearsay: Short takes from faculty writing
On the Bookshelves: Vermeule proposes altering the American lawmaking process.
Class Notes: A counterterrorism expert learns to read the threat matrix; a human rights activist listens to Afghani victims of war and Gen. David Petraeus listens to her.
Letter from São Paulo: A plane crashes—and a new system of compensation takes flight.
In Memoriam: Oliver Oldman ’53 and Lloyd E. Ohlin
Closing: Abby Milstein ’76 and Howard Milstein ’77
Gallery: A letter from a civil rights attorney to the Harvard Law Bulletin, printed more than 50 years after it was sent