Winter 2010

In this Issue

Points of Inflection
Five months into her new job, Dean Martha Minow shares some insights—and even a little advice.

A View from the Brink
When the financial system is melting down, who are you going to call? H. Rodgin Cohen ’68.

A Question of Interrogation
Philip Heymann ’60 proposes a new model for intelligence gathering in the fight against terrorism.

The Laws of Unintended Consequences
To prevent domestic violence, are we now overregulating the home?

Striving Always to Get It Right
Reflections on David Souter ’66


From the Dean
Outside the Classroom: A clinical project helps keep people in their homes.
Ask the Professor: How will globalization reshape the practice of law—and the training of lawyers?
On the Bookshelves: Subramanian explores the messy middle ground in corporate deals; Fallon dives into fiction with a spoof on academics and politics.
Class Notes: Armed with a camera, Bentley Kassal ’40 has documented war and waged peace; Betsy Krebs ’87 helps kids at risk advocate for themselves; David Singleton ’91 fosters “smart-on-crime” policies in Ohio.
In Memoriam: A season of losses, including George H. Kidder ’50, Samuel J. Heyman ’63, Finn M.W. Caspersen ’66, Bruce Wasserstein ’70, Michael Weston ’97, Luke Cole ’89
Gallery: It took a Hook to hang a Howe.