A Very Enterprising Curriculum

A plenitude of classes this year focusing on innovation or enterprise

Antitrust, Technology, and Innovation
Clinical Professor Phillip Malone

The Art of Social Change: Child Welfare, Education and Juvenile Justice
Professor Elizabeth Bartholet ’65 and Lecturer on Law Jessica Budnitz ’01

Business Strategy for Lawyers
Professor Kathryn Spier

Charities Legal Documents Workshop
Lecturer on Law Victoria Bjorklund

Dispute Systems Design
Clinical Professor Robert C. Bordone ’97

Entrepreneurship and Company Creation
Lecturer on Law David Hornik ’94

Green New York
Professors Gerald E. Frug ’63 and David Barron ’94

Ideas for a Better Internet
Professor Jonathan Zittrain ’95

Innovation Policy and the Biopharmaceutical Industry
Lecturer on Law Melissa Feeney Wasserman

Innovative Contracting
Professor George G. Triantis

Introduction to Social Entrepreneurship
Lecturer on Law Suzanne McKechnie Klahr

Law and Finance of Start-Up Companies
Professor Allen Ferrell ’95 and Richard Forrest ’94

The Law of Nonprofit Organizations
Lecturers on Law Marion Fremont-Smith and Adelbert Spitzer

Leadership in Law Firms
Professor Ashish Nanda

Leadership in the Public Sector
Professor Philip B. Heymann ’60

Making Rights Real: The Ghana Project
Professor Lucie E. White ’81

Music and Digital Media
Lecturer on Law Christopher Bavitz

Online Law and Business in a Globalized Economy
Lecturer on Law Urs Gasser LL.M. ’03

Practical Lawyering in Cyberspace
Clinical Professor Phillip Malone and Lecturer on Law Christopher Bavitz

Transactional Practice Clinical Seminar
Clinical Professor Brian Price

Venture Law and Finance
Professor Jesse M. Fried ’92

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