Talking About a Revolution

A pop quiz with some surprising answers

What degree might you expect Dean Roscoe Pound to hold, which he lacked, and what degree might you expect him to eschew, which he accepted?

Roscoe Pound, dean of Harvard Law School from 1916 to 1936, an innovative legal scholar and one of the first to focus on internationalizing the law school, held an advanced degree in botany but no LL.B. HLS faculty member and leading progressive Felix Frankfurter LL.B. 1906 lobbied for his appointment. But according to Coquillette, Pound made one great mistake, “and it’s hard to know in retrospect why he did it.” He was a great admirer of the German university system, and in 1934, he took an honorary degree from the University of Berlin—at a time when Hitler had been chancellor of Germany for one year.

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