Winter 2011

In this Issue

On the Court
The ‘10th justice’ becomes the 9th

Regulating digital communications is like trying to control an explosion. FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski ’91 brings a full spectrum of skills to the job.

Stories from the West Wing
Three faculty who served in the Obama administration talk about gridlock, being part of history, living life at warp speed and the day the Easter Bunny blacked out the White House.

The Shape of the World to Come
Thirty years ago, Laurent Cohen-Tanugi left France to attend HLS. Today, he is an international lawyer, public intellectual and architect of a European strategy for globalization.


From the Dean
Faculty Laurels: MacArthur-winning historian and HLS Professor Annette Gordon-Reed ’84 on inviting Thomas Jefferson to the Tea Party, and other questions
Abstract: Roe on derivatives and the bankruptcy crisis; Desan on money as a “creature of law”
Connecting Theory to Practice: HLS clinic helps teens who have been victimized by acts of violence.
Now Online: Cyberlaw Clinic helps Massachusetts with access to the courts
On the Bookshelves: Minow on the legacy of America’s landmark education decision; Charles and Gregory Fried ask what can be justified in an age of terror; Heymann and Blum on laws, outlaws and terrorists; Feldman on FDR’s great justices
Outside the Classroom: Winning asylum for refugees from persecution
Class Notes: A Brennan biographer; Intelligence advice; Victory against warrantless wiretapping; A life devoted to proving “you can”; A unanimous first; Law and faith; From HLS to the NFL
Authors and Auteurs
= 1,000 words: Aerial views of the Arctic
In Memoriam
Tribute: Professor Emeritus Benjamin Kaplan: 1911-2010
Leadership Profile: Kenneth I. Chenault ’76
Gallery: An HLS pop history quiz