Dozens of state attorneys general have filed lawsuits against cigarette companies to recoup costs of smoking to the states. Do the states have a legitimate claim? Hanson vs. Viscusi
Should cigarette manufacturers pay tort liability to smokers for the harm caused by cigarettes? Hanson vs. Viscusi
Do you support legislation along the lines of the proposed national resolution to settle the ongoing cigarette litigation? Hanson vs. Viscusi
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Bulletin Editor Nancy Waring asked Professor Jon Hanson and Professor W. Kip Viscusi, two prominent economic theorists in the debate on cigarettes, to write brief answers to three key questions. Each was then shown the other’s answers and asked to write a 200-word rejoinder.

Jon HansonProfessor Jon Hanson teaches Torts, Products Liability Theory, and Corporations. He and his coauthors detail many of the arguments sketched here in two law review articles: "The Costs of Cigarettes: The Economic Case for Ex Post Incentive-Based Regulation," with Kyle Logue, 107 Yale Law Journal 1163 (1998); and "Smokers’ Compensation: Toward a Blueprint for Federal Regulation of Cigarette Manufacturers," Symposium Issue: "The Tobacco Wars," with Kyle Logue and Michael Zamore ’99, 22 Southern Illinois University Law Journal 519 (1998). Professor Hanson has testified with respect to cigarette regulation before the U.S. Senate Democratic Task Force on Tobacco and the U.S. Senate Committee on Labor & Human Resources. Last summer, he organized the Harvard Law School Conference on the Proposed Tobacco Settlement, "Should Tort Law Be on the Table?"

Kip ViscusiW. Kip Viscusi is the John F. Cogan, Jr. Professor of Law and Economics and director of the School’s Program on Empirical Legal Studies. He is the author of Smoking: Making the Risky Decision (Oxford University Press, 1992) and numerous articles on smoking. He has testified as a consultant on environmental tobacco smoke to the U.S. EPA and has served as an expert on a wide range of smoking issues for defense law firms.