Obtaining Coverage in HLS Print Publications

Harvard Law Bulletin

Established in 1948, the award-winning Harvard Law Bulletin magazine is published twice a year. Its circulation is approximately 37,000 readers worldwide, including HLS alumni, students, faculty and staff. Intended to be both substantive and engaging, the Bulletin typically devotes each issue to a specific theme. Recent issues have focused on Intellectual Property, Terrorism and Public Service.

Instead of attempting to provide comprehensive coverage of campus events (see information on Harvard Law Today, listed below) the Bulletin supplements its theme-based feature stories with several standing editorial departments:

  • Ask the Professor
  • Faculty Viewpoints
  • In the Classroom
  • Hearsay
  • Student Snapshot
  • On the Bookshelves

It is helpful for Bulletin story ideas to fit within the context of these existing departments. Because feature stories are theme-related (and themes are selected early in the editorial process) please suggest feature ideas with as much advance notice as possible. Send e-mail to bulletin@law.harvard.edu.

Harvard Law Today

To complement the Bulletin's thematic approach, the award-winning Harvard Law Today provides timely coverage of campus events, school initiatives and profiles of current faculty and students. Harvard Law Today is published twice each semester (four times annually) and its stories tend to be shorter and more current than those featured in the Bulletin. Like the Bulletin, Harvard Law Today maintains some recurring editorial approaches such as:

  • Facutly Q&A
  • Student Spotlight
  • School News

To suggest a story for Harvard Law Today, please send e-mail to today@law.harvard.edu.

Last modified: January 16, 2014

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